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Spotify Pie, the big cake with all the most listened songs

Spotify Pie, the big cake with all the most listened songs
Spotify Pie.  (photo: Dexerto)
Spotify Pie. (photo: Dexerto)

With the countless hours of music that users are probably accumulating in their account Spotifymany may be wondering, ‘how do I divide that time between different styles of music?’

Okay, Spotify Pie has the answer: it’s simple Web Application will show all the most played songs and genres in the form of a graph.

Spotify has paved the way for people to really listen to what they want, when they want it: this music streaming platform was a pioneer in offering a huge library of songs with a monthly subscription.


Even without this, one of Spotify’s main strengths is that it can be used for free. The platform itself provides remarkable information about everything heard, but it lacks an intuitive way to display it at a glance.

So you can see what is most listened to on Spotify in the form of a cake


Now, a developer from outside the company has designed a platform that offers users a graph with the most listened to genres and artists in a format that is very easy to share on social networks.

The aforementioned can be achieved in a few steps, after visiting the website that University of California student Darren Huang created in just two days.

If the user clicks on each portion, Spotify Pie shows the groups that make it up.  (photo: Composition/iPhone/Jose Arana)
If the user clicks on each portion, Spotify Pie shows the groups that make it up. (photo: Composition/iPhone/Jose Arana)

Spotify Pie is a project that has been uploaded to Github that, when accessing a user’s Spotify account, analyzes the genres and artists they listen to to create a pie chart that reflects all musical preferences.

These portions will be more or less large depending on the hours of reproduction. And you can see which artists composed them by clicking on those respective ‘pizza slices’ or ‘pie slices’.

As long as an external application accesses data from a Spotify account (from any account), TechMarkup warn you that personal information may be in the hands of third parties. Before using Spotify Pie, make sure you accept the privacy risks: Although the application only collects data to generate graphs, it can never be guaranteed that it does not go further.

Finally, after being careful, Here is the step by step to make a Spotify Pie:

Spotify Pie.  (photo: Composition/iPhone/Jose Arana)
Spotify Pie. (photo: Composition/iPhone/Jose Arana)

1. Open the Web navigator of cell phone Y visit the page https://huangdarren1106.github.io.

2. Click on ‘Login to Spotify’.

3. Sign in with Spotify account. Remember that Spotify Pie will access the playback data, with the privacy risks that this entails.

4. Spotify Pie will load the account information and will create on screen the graph of musical tastes and genres.

Users can share the chart and interact with it to discover which are the artists that make up each slice of the cake. With Spotify Pie it is very easy to know what is really what you like the most in the musical field.

This app allows you to find Spotify songs with just a photo

The application Playlist for Spotify (click the link to download it directly from Google Play Store) does exactly what its name suggests: search playlists for music streaming app.

Of course, he does it in a very strange way because it doesn’t crawl the library and doesn’t use the usual search engine. Also, use artificial intelligence (AI) to perform this task at the time a photo is taken.

The idea is to search for music related to images without having to do anything other than take pictures. Playlist for Spotify itself is a simple app, with no settings: a blank cover and the camera icon at the bottom right.

Playlist for Spotify.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Playlist for Spotify. (photo: Google Play Store)

So once the moment is captured, the application loads the associated playlists so that they can be listened to on Spotify by clicking on them. In addition, it saves the captured image in the gallery of the smartphone.

One of the disadvantages of Playlist for Spotify, and without a doubt the main one, is that the photos must be taken immediately, It does not allow downloading images from the gallery.

Once the shot is taken, the app will analyze the image using AI (the mobile device must have a connection to Internet) and, depending on what’s in the photo, the app will find a Spotify playlist that mirrors the photo.

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