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Spotify: Meghan Markle presents Archetypes, her own podcast

After the announcement in 2020 of the millionaire agreement between Spotify and Archewellthe Dukes of Sussex company has been waiting for something beyond the few podcast that until now marriage had done for the giant of the streaming.


And it seems that time will come soon, when Archetypes, the podcast of Meghan Markle of which you already have, in addition, a small advance.

Created through Archewell Audio, You already know what the Duchess wants to talk about: feminisms today.


At this very moment it is not known exactly if he will do it consciously from his social class, but Prince Harry’s wife intends to speak on all television programs. clichés and the molds that a woman always marks and how it affects every day. In addition, it will also deal with the image of a woman built in today’s society.

For this, you will have the help of experts, experts and other women who will reveal different testimonies without censorship involved.


“I’m Meghan and this is Archetypes, the podcast where we’re going to analyze, explore and break with the labels that repress women”, The exact actress is heard saying in the preview of the first episode that it is already available on Spotify.

What could be heard in the Archetypes trailer

This trailer begins with a variety of sentences from other shows with a man’s voice saying “She’s a slut,” a woman claiming she had to be “submissive,” or a host saying “I thought I’d love you.” you would laugh with my compliments and you have not done it”.


“This is how you talk about women. The words our daughters grow up with. The way the media teaches us what a woman should be. But where do these stereotypes come from and why do they keep appearing and defining our lives?

“I’m going to have conversations with women who are well aware of how these stereotypes end up shaping our narratives, and I’ll talk to female historians to understand how this all started,” adds Meghan, who without giving a specific date ensures that the first episode will arrive “soon”.

The recommended podcast on gender-based violence in Uber

In partnership with Aequalesan organization that provides tools to close gender gaps, the platform Uber created content in podcast format to address gender-based violence and raise awareness among owners who are registered on the app.

The project, which was relaunched in June 2021, It already has more than 1,800 lessors with a credential in the application who have made more than 1.2 million trips; equivalent to 9 million km.

“At Uber we always strive to be a force for change in each of the countries where the platform is present, promoting equity and inclusion. This type of action allows landlords registered in the app to raise awareness about issues such as harassment and gender violence. This promotes better quality and safety in the routes they take,” said the General Manager of Uber in Colombia, Marcela Torres.

The content is made available on a platform that allows Uber partner drivers to listen to the audio. The podcasts cover topics such as what bullying is and how bullying can be prevented. From there, vehicle owners have the opportunity to better understand this social problem and how to perceive it.

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