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Spotify changes its design and now music and podcasts have their own section

(photo: Spotify)
(photo: Spotify)

The number of users using Spotify as a streaming service music It runs into the hundreds of millions, so the company regularly makes changes to make their lives easier. And today it is known that new changes will be introduced to achieve this.

More precisely, what is known are modifications introduced in the Homepage of the application. And, to the surprise of many, the news will come first Android (where the rollout has already started in some regions) and then it will be the same in iOS.

Therefore, the way of working has changed a lot and the reason is quite clear: revenue from users who use the operating system of Google are now higher than the income of a terminal with Manzana. So it’s quite reasonable.

“We get it, the music industry today is complicated, requiring artists and their teams to take on more responsibilities than ever,” he said. Rob Fink, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Spotify for Artists.

“We always talk to artists about the biggest questions and aspirations they have in their individual career paths, and we designed Your Approach as a direct result of their feedback. We want to remove the assumptions and help artists focus on what matters most to them so they can achieve their musical goals,” she added.

All the news that Spotify has deployed

These focus on providing an enhanced user experience, especially when looking for new content that coincides with the interests of the people.

So, in addition to displaying much more user-friendly buttons and icons, it also has improvements to both music sources and podcast as in the recommendations. In this way, the idea is to advance to be much more efficient and personalized when you want to listen to content similar to what is being played.

(photo: Spotify)
(photo: Spotify)

When it comes to music, one of the big improvements is find content that matches users’ musical tastes faster.

So, for example, the improved recommendations of albums or playlists. Also, it is easier to use the ‘Like’ or buttons to share content that is relevant to each user of the platform.

(photo: Spotify)
(photo: Spotify)

The podcasts and events, now it will be faster and more intuitive to access the episodes you want to listen to, and the recommendations will be much more important.

But if there is something that is definitely appreciated, it is that the Episode descriptions will appear more in hubs (and you can start streaming without leaving this page).

When will the news reach all users?

Well, there is no confirmed date for this yet, but the truth is that in some areas of the stable version of Spotify, These changes are already being used, without being too impressive, there is a big advantage, because they serve the purpose perfectly.

In other wordsThey make life much easier for the user. and make recommendations more efficient and easier to find.

(photo: Spotify)
(photo: Spotify)

Spotify does not rule out its previous design

It is important to point out that, although the redesign of the app seeks to satisfy the preferences of its users in the face of the growth of podcasts on the platform, Spotify isn’t ditching your normal home screen.

To continue using this option, just press the ‘X’ to exit these sections and return to the typical application interface.

The company points out that these new sections will only be new ways to reach the content that is desired through a more personalized experience while the base home screen is still available.

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