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Spotify already shows warnings about all content related to covid-19

Hereinafter, Spotify will display warnings on any content related to covid-19. An announcement made also to answer the complaints mainly, of the great controversy of the podcast from Joe Rogan.


This option has been promised by Spotify after several criticisms from different artists, who accused the Swedish company of allow the dissemination of false or misleading information about the pandemic the coronavirus and the vaccines.

Therefore, users will start to see a small blue banner, which will alert them when browsing content is linked to COVID-19.


When you touch on it, users have access to publications from entities considered a global health organization and other trusted content sources.

Among the publications ‘promoted; Throughout this guide on covid-19, podcasts from BBC News, Cadena Ser and CNN in Spanish, among others. Although the available content varies depending on the location of the public to mainly show the content in their language.

Spotify seeks to calm criticism


One important thing to note is that this new Spotify feature is not available in all countries. At the time of writing this article, it has been possible to see what has been worked on Argentinabut could appear in other markets.

In fact, during the testing process it was identified that the translation is incomplete. This would be a sign that the streaming service is still working on its final implementation.

Although it is a way to ‘calm the waters’ of the scandals derived from the experience of Joe Rogan, It’s been more than two months since Neil Young threatened to leave the platform (finally done), which prompted the controversy of the podcast and its controversial host to continue.


Since then, a bit of everything has happened. Joe Rogan apologized, but refused to be a person to share disinformation; Joni Mitchell and Brand Brown are also away from the platform; Neil Young returned to the charge and asked the owner of Spotify to leave his job.

Spotify has been exempt from any responsibility for this issue, relying on its role as a distributor and not as a publisher of the content. Finally, another podcast (Science Vs) He launched his own crusade to deny all the lies of covid-19.

Spotify is currently quietly launching content alerts for all coronavirus-related posts. It is still unknown if there are other measures to come or if he just finds ways to defuse the whole conflict with Joe Rogan.

In addition, the Swedish company has not been mentioned in this new feature publicly, either on your blog, as in the social media. You have to be attentive to the news.

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