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Spotify: 6 key functions to take advantage of the platform

Spotify is one of the leading platforms in the industry streaming music. Regardless of which version is used, free or premium, it has a number of useful functions.


TechMarkup brings some of the little-known tips and tricks of Spotify to become a professional user of the platform.

1. Personalized weekly list


Spotify always has a number of compilation lists and personalized recommendations. Every Monday have “Your weekly discovery list” to suggest new topics and every Friday have the news radar with releases. Additionally, there are 6 daily mixes, which are varied playlists to suit personal taste.

To access, follow these steps:


– Go to Spotify and click on “Only for you” in the left column.

– A screen will appear where you can find the section “Discover new music with your weekly discovery and news radar.”

2. Find artists related to favorites


One of the benefits of having a service with millions of songs is the ability to discover new music and artists. These relationships are based on the tastes of the community and other artists who listen the most and who are also fans of personal tastes.

– To get these tips, go to the profile of an artist that is of personal liking.

– Both on mobile and desktop, you can see a section called “His fans listen too.”

– If you click on it, you will be able to access a list of profiles of other related artists.

3. Recover the playlist that was deleted

If you ever change your mind about deleting one of your playlists or accidentally delete one, this feature is great for getting it back.

First, you need to access the Spotify website (not to the Spotify app).

– Now log in and search Restore playlists in the left sidebar menu.

– Then select playlist and click on Restore.

You will then be able to see this playlist in the app on all devices.

4. Discover Spotify Karaoke

musixmatcha company that partnered with Spotify more than 4 months ago to offer the lyrics, has decided to create its own application now that they are not integrated with the official one.

– Enter the official site of musixmatch and download your app for Windows or Mac.

– One has to run it, and as soon as it starts, the app will ask which app you want to use it for.

– If you don’t say anything, it will detect it automatically and it will start showing the lyrics.

– You can choose to see only the phrase that they are saying now in the song or the complete lyrics.

5. Infinite playlist based on favorite songs

If there is a song that does not stop spinning in the user’s head and you want to listen to more similar songs, right click on the song and choose the option “Go to song radio”.

It will automatically generate a infinite playlist with songs related to the one being listened to.

6. Find nearby concerts

There are many sites available on Internet to see concerts nearby, but since Spotify is being used to listen to music, It may be useful to know that you can also see the dates of the concerts in the application. For example, if you enter an artist’s profile, there will be dates and places of their tour.

But there is more. In the search section of cell phone there is a section of Concerts which you can also access from the section “To find out” of the desktop application.

In this section you can see the concerts of artists that may be of interest. You can change the city as you wish.

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