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Spoiler-free: The best Sonic 2 memes

Sonic 2 Trailer

This year the film sonic 2, it arrives in theaters, however, it is not a world premiere and each region has a different release date. The latter has caused the countries where it was presented to emerge memes with spoilerswhich have ruined the experience of many.


Although the trailer for Paramount Pictures and SEGA showed shocking scenes of the most famous blue hedgehog, with the aJim Carrey performance as Dr. Robomink already knuckleshis enemy, there was no information that spoiled the plot of the film.

Given this, they have left several memes, both from people who have seen spoilers and memes with spoilers. Below are several spoiler-free memes for everyone to see equally.


As the release of Sonic 2 coincided in some regions with the release of Morbiusset in the Spider-Man universe, someone took the opportunity to make this meme where they imply that Sonic is a better movie than Marvel’s installment.

Those who could not help but see spoilers for the blue hedgehog movie have complained about it and instead of ruining the experience for others, they have made memes where they highlight their sadness.


Others took the opportunity to use the scene from the trailer about the epic confrontation, to contextualize it with video game brands. In the one below, PlayStation and Xbox “fight” against Nintendo for its “ability” to shit while the user plays.

Another meme recycled the same frames from the film and placed a different text. In this they refer to players who buy within Clash Royale and regular players who have artifacts without investing money.

Others used similar scenes from the movie to express their excitement at Sonic’s highly anticipated battle against Knuckles.


It is to remember that Knuckles is a meme in itselfwell regardless of the movie, Ugandan Knuckles, created in 2017 by youtuber Gregzilla, it is a success. In that sense, some did an edit of the battle scene with Ugandan Knuckles.

On the other hand, there are those who are still waiting for the premiere of the film in their country and wish not to see spoilers. The following meme is a good example of this.

There were also those who took the opportunity to warn about spoilers, ensuring that they are within publications of other franchises. In this case it was in one related to SpongeBob.

There were also the gags where they point out how the role of Knuckles has changed. Supposedly in the first film he would be kind and in this second a severe critic of society.

Do not forget that it was said that this second film It will not be the only production between Paramount Pictures and SEGAas a television series will also be released in live action Focused on Knuckles. Supposedly this will be released in 2023 on the production company’s streaming platform.

Also, there will be a third film that does not yet have a release date. Further, Netflix will work together in a 3D animated series based on the video game franchise, but it is not yet known if it will be tied directly to the events of the films.

On the other hand, the title sonic frontiers It is one of the most anticipated of this 2022, due to its open world format in combination with the classic platform gameplay. Its launch will be in December for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles. Without a doubt, this will be one of the best years for the blue hedgehog.

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