‘Spider-Man’: United Arab Emirates prohibits the premiere of ‘Crossing the multiverse’ due to the presence of a trans flag

In recent years, Hollywood’s problems have been increasing to place its proposals in various foreign markets, generally because of how these films strengthened their representation of the collective LGTBIQ+. Based on this, the cases have accumulated in which Disney must reflect on what it does with its films, once they are rejected by countries of middle East and the Persian Gulf. he passed with Onward, Lightyear, Thor: Love and Thunder, West Side Story, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Eternals… with the latter, Disney decided to edit the montage and thus pass the censorship.

While with a later film, Strange world, directly resolved to move it away from those markets. History has just repeated itself, in an even more surreal way, with respect to one of Disney’s competitors, sonywhich has just opened Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse. This animated film, with excellent reviews, has had a dazzling box office, which in just 10 days surpassed everything achieved by its predecessor, the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: A New Universe.

crossing the multiversehowever and according to hollywood reporterit will not be able to premiere in United Arab Emirates. The plan was for it to hit theaters this June 22ndcoinciding with the holiday period that Muslims know as Eid al Adha, but at the last minute the authorities have decided to do without the premiere. According to close sources, the reason was not some explicit scene of LGTBIQ+ affection (in the style of that minimal kiss from lightyear), but something even more derisory.

Within the universe that Gwen Stacy inhabits, in a plane the flag is seen in the background Protect Trans Kids, in defense of the trans collective. It has been enough for the country to decide to ban the premiere (it is not known if after a previous and failed negotiation with Sony), and for crossing the multiverse cannot add the income from this country to its comfortable international box office. For some time now, the United Arab Emirates has shown its intention to ease its censorship, but this does not apply to productions considered intended for children.

How would it be crossing the multiverse, for being animated. If an influx of children is expected, there are stricter restrictions against elements that may threaten the “local customs and values”. It is what that trans flag apparently did, that you didn’t even realize it was there when you went to see it.

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