Spider-Man Through the Spider-Verse will have 6 different animation styles

In an interview given to Empire Magazine, Phil Lord, producer of Spider-Man Through the Spider-Verse, confirmed that the feature film will have six unique animation styles. According to him, the project was inspired by the art of The Mitchell Family and the Machines Risewith the intention of doubling the level of visual quality presented by the previous film.


Ambitious, the new Spider-Man movie will be an even more concentrated adventure in the multiverse, showing graphics and technical effects capable of impressing Marvel fans. Now, there won’t be a kind of “dominant animation”, and several techniques promise to bring more fluidity, dynamics and originality to a franchise already highly praised by specialized critics.

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“The first film had an animation style that dominates. This movie has six,” commented Lord. “So we are taking these tools, adding all the things we learned in The Mitchell Family and the Revolt of the Machines, and then ramping them up even further to accommodate this film’s ambition. What is to impress you every time you enter a new environment and also to ensure that the style of the film reflects the story, and that the images are driven by feelings as opposed to some pretentious art project. Which is also, by the way!”

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Additionally, the magazine shared an unreleased promotional image featuring a high-definition look at Spider-Man. Check it out below:

(Source: Empire / Reproduction)Source: Empire


Spider-Man Through the Spider-Verse opens in theaters worldwide on June 2, 2023.

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