Spider-Man: Sony is developing live action series of the hero

This Thursday (17), Sony, in partnership with MGM and Amazon Prime Video, announced that it is working on a new live-action Spider-Man series🇧🇷 According to TVLine, the production will be called Silk: Spider Society, and will focus on the Silk Web.


So far, Sony has not released new information about the cast or a possible release date. Still, the news was very well received by fans. After all, there was speculation that the superhero was no longer part of Sony’s series universe and would have been left behind in productions.

According to a joint statement from Sony Pictures Television and MGM+, the series will be the first of “several live-action series based on Sony’s universe of Marvel characters, which includes more than 900 characters.”

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Learn more about Silk: Spider Society, the new Spider-Man series

The new series features Angela Kang, known for The Walking Dead, as showrunner. Additionally, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Amy Pascal (all from Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse) are also involved.


the fProduction hollow will be in Silk, the Silk Web. Introduced in comics in 2014, she is a Korean girl named Cindy Moon. Cindy has the same powers as Peter Parker, her classmate, and was also bitten by a radioactive spider. Keeping her identity a secret, she escapes prison and searches for her family while trying to become a hero.

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In the MCU, Cindy Moon was played by Tiffany Espensen in Spider-Man: Homecoming🇧🇷 However, in the film, she is just Parker’s roommate, without having obtained his powers.

New information about the production should be released soon.


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