‘Spider-Man’: Sony confirms a live action movie of Miles Morales (and another of Spider-Woman)

hits theaters Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse: a film emphatic enough to forget that sonya responsible study, is behind a universe “antiheroic” whose last exponent was Morbius. That is to say, beyond venom make money the major place their great expectations for the future in the Animated Spider-Manand in fact crossing the multiverse already has a sequel in the works coming next year Beyond the Spiderverse. But there is still more.

Variety has interviewed Amy Pascal and Avi Aradproducers behind all the Spider-Man movies (also the ones affiliated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Both have affected the doors it opens crossing the multiverseand confirmed what in recent months was a persistent rumor: Miles Morales, the central Spider-Man of the saga that inaugurated a new universewill star in another film, and this will be live action. “He will arrive sooner than we expect,” says Arad.

Morales is a version of Spider-Man that has been gaining a lot of popularity, thanks both to a new universe such as his appearance in the acclaimed video games of Marvel’s Spider-Man. that jump to live action seems inevitable, and the producers have added that they are also preparing a film about Spider-Woman. Although in this case it is somewhat more vague, since Spider-Woman could well designate Gwen Stacy (co-star of the animated saga) or to Jessica Drew (whose version of Spider-Woman is one of the great additions of crossing the multiverse).

Or some other alter ego, of course. But Pascal and Arad insist that “everything is happening” and “we will see everything”to later be asked for a hypothetical spider-man 4. Sony co-produces the solo films of Tom Holland within the continuity of mcuhaving been Spider-Man: No Way Home a triumph in that sense, as well as a farewell to the character that has turned out not to be such. There has already been talk of a fourth film that would star Holland again with Zendaya, although there are hardly any details.

According to the producers, it is because the project is stopped right now, because of the writers’ strike. “Are we going to make another movie? Of course”, assures Pascal. “It is in process, but with the writers strike no one is working. We all support her and when they can meet again, we will start. Whatever happens with spider-man 4it seems clear that its events will take place once the current multiverse sagawithout ruling out that Holland’s Peter Parker does not make an appearance in some crossover previous.

Beyond the Spiderverseagain led by Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers and Justin K Thompsonthe premiere March 29, 2024.

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