Speak No Evil: Meet the Psychological Horror Film

Halloween is getting closer and closer and it’s not news to anyone that horror movies are the big highlight this time of year. And if you’re the type who’s always looking for a new movie of the genre to watch, check out the movie of the moment: Speak No Evil.


Directed by Dane Christian Tafdrup, the film has been buzzing on social media, with some people even saying that the production is among the best of 2022.

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Speak No Evil accompanies a Danish family who, while on vacation, meet a Dutch family. The two quickly bond after their days off, but things start to get weird when the Dutch invite them to their house for a few days.


“What was supposed to be a wonderful weekend slowly starts to crumble,” reads the official synopsis.

The highly praised cast includes Sidsel Siem (Louise), Morten Burian (Bjørn), Livia Fosberg (Agnes, Danish daughter), Marius Damslev (Abel), Fedja van Huêt (Patrick) and Karina Smulder (Karin).


Check out the movie trailer:


With good critical reception, the film is rated 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, which described the film as “a sharp-toothed social satire that offers a darkly delicious treat for fans of misanthropic thrillers.”


Those who have already watched the film are taking to social media to share their – shocked – reactions to the plot; Check out the comments (spoiler free):

And then you will add Speak No Evil on your list of movies to see on Halloween?

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