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Space advertising: advertisements and logos would be broadcast by satellites in the sky

Space advertising: advertisements and logos would be broadcast by satellites in the sky
Space advertising. (photo: NeoTechno)

The advertising It has taken a 180-degree turn in the last two decades. The standardization of Internet It has changed the way the industry is understood.

The provision of this new channel allowed the exploitation of many other digital territories that did not exist before, which led to a very significant increase in the budgets allocated to advertising campaigns. What large company has not put a banner on a website or inserted an advertisement for Youtube either Twitter? It is a paradigm shift that can once again experience a new revolution.

And it is that now the question that circulates during these days is the following: Is it possible to use satellites to show a specific ad in space? This is exactly what a group of Russian experts considered. The purpose of this novelty would be to enjoy a mobile or fixed presentation that represents a fixed logo or slogan for a certain time.

Yes, it is true that the ad would only be seen on a night full of stars, but the effect can be really impressive. This would be a new generation of devices that can be put into orbit to display advertising.

In fact, such advertisements are not a new idea. Some time ago it was possible to know how the drones they are already being used to create incredible shows in the sky. Instead, this proposal would use satellites much farther from Earth. So, we have to see what are the keys to this new technology and, of course, to what extent the lure of these features can be profitable.

This is how satellites could be used for space advertising

At this point, it is very difficult for technology lovers and TechMarkup readers not to know the network star link of Elon Musk. Well, to give a brief review, It is a series of satellite units that travel in space in orbit with the Earth.

It is a technique that moves in a straight line to form a chain, a curious display that has been seen many times in the sky. The proposal of the Russian experts suggests that something similar could be used as an advertising tool.

Space advertising. (photo: 20Minutes)

In addition, it was agreed that the delivery of approximately 50 units could be profitable in the medium term. According to the Free Think portal, this option can produce up to 2 million dollars a day according to previous estimates.

Researchers from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), both in Russia, have established several criteria to ensure the viability of the project. Due to the research carried out, fifty could be used to create complete shows in the sky.

As unrealistic as it may seem, we showed that space advertising based on 50 or more small satellites flying in formation could be economically viable. Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

Space advertising. (photo: Future 360)

A problem to solve: pollution

However, it is also detailed that this type of space advertising mission, being pollution in the skyastronomical observations can be frustrated, something that has already been pointed out with the Starlink satellites.

Despite this, the scientists point out that its proposed orbit is more aligned to carry out demonstrations in certain areas only at sunrise or sunset time, thus excluding night tests.

In addition, since advertising must be displayed in cities with high population levels, and with high profitability, these locations have permanent light pollution, so they are not considered areas for observatories, and advertising in space should not have a great impact.

Space pollution. (Getty)

What would be the prices for spatial advertising

Apparently, just over a month of advertising can cost around US$65 million. Therefore, this opportunity to run marketing campaigns is reserved only for companies with multi-million dollar budgets.

We will have to wait a bit to see if this type of solution finally makes sense today or, on the contrary, its commercial viability and practical solutions are not yet convenient.

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