Sony’s premium earphones receive Bluetooth multipoint support

This fall, Sony is making up for the lack we mentioned several times in its high-end and premium TWS earphones. THE Verge says that a firmware update will arrive in November 2022 for the LinkBuds, LinkBuds S, and in the winter for the WF-1000XM4 earphones, after installing which the earphones will be able to connect to two sources simultaneously via Bluetooth. The update will arrive and be installed via the Headphones Connect app.

The LinkBuds S in blue. The LinkBuds S in blue. (source: Sony) [+]

In addition to the arrival of the firmware, Sony is also slightly updating the LinkBuds product line. The LinkBuds S earphones are being made into a new, sea-blue version, the plastic parts of which come from the recycling of plastic bottles. The company did not disclose the proportion of recycled plastics.

LinkBuds UC and the accompanying repeater.LinkBuds UC and the accompanying repeater. LinkBuds UC and the accompanying repeater. (source: Sony) [+]

Along with it, the plain LinkBuds earphones are also changing, or more precisely, the series is getting an extra member: a version designed for Microsoft Teams conversations is coming with the suffix UC in its name. For now, only the US price is known, it will increase from $180 to $250 on the UC night. THE LinkBuds UC outwardly it is the same as the basic model, but it comes with a USB-A repeater in the box, which can be plugged into any computer and the headset is immediately connected to the computer, and commands can be programmed to the headset through the Headphones Connect application dedicated to the use of Microsoft Teams and conversations. The LinkBuds UC will only be available in black before the Christmas season, it is still unclear when it will hit the shelves in Europe.

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