Sony Store makes an important PlayStation announcement

Sony Store makes an important PlayStation announcement

Sony has announced that now users will be able to find all the official merchandising of PlayStation on Sony Store, in order to share with whomever you want gift cards and memberships of playstation plus.

Sony Store online is available at United States since 2019. This announcement coincides with new products from Horizon Raw Materials, Guerrilla Games brand. But now consumers can also buy jackets, hoodies, Funko Pop! and other items that pay homage to Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War or simply to the PlayStation brand and its consoles.

The new sweatshirts, t-shirts, backpacks, shoulder bags, water bottles and other official PlayStation products have arrived at Sony Store, and now all users can take them everywhere and show how fanatical they are of the console born in 1994.

The company highlights for example the PS5-inspired bomber jacket, the embossed cap of the wireless controller Dual Sense, a women’s t-shirt with an iridescent logo and a PlayStation backpack, water bottles, hats, art books, mugs and more.

What’s more, you can share your passion for PlayStation by donating $10, $20, $50 and $100 cards so that others can fully enjoy all the elements of the largest library of PlayStation content for the world through the account of PlayStation Network.

Another addition is the PlayStation Plus 3 and 12 month cards to take advantage of all its advantages; including the ability to play online multiplayer with a global community of gamers, free monthly games and exclusive discounts on Play Store.

Sony has removed its annual PlayStation Now offer from its store

Sony removed the ability to buy annual subscriptions Playstation Now in your digital store. The removal took place last week when it was announced that PlayStation Now would be replaced by the new PlayStation Plus, which now has three levels and offers access to a catalog of games from current generation and beyond.

The reason is related to the discontinuation of PlayStation Now. As part of the announcement of the demise of the PlayStation Now service and the integration of its features into the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, Sony has reassured current subscribers to this system by ensuring that months of PlayStation Now subscriptions already paid for would be automatically converted to PlayStation Premium.

The annual subscription PlayStation Now costs $59.99 and annual subscription PlayStation Plus Premium costs USD$119.9, so it was a very good offer for those who had a long-term Now contract.

For this reason, and currently, the only way to access PlayStation Now at the moment is through the monthly subscription, eliminating the possibility of paying months in advance. The monthly subscription costs USD$8.99 and will be replaced, in June, by the PlayStation Plus Premium from $16.99 USD, which is the one that gives access to PlayStation 3 games from the PlayStation Now catalog.

PlayStation Plus will have three different types of subscription

playstation plus essential, which maintains the features of PlayStation Plus as they are known at the same price as the current one:

– USD$8.99 for one month.

– USD$24.99 for three months.

– USD$59.99 for one year.

playstation plus extra, which adds access to a catalog of around 400 sets from Playstation 5 and Playstation 4and will cost:

– USD$13.99 per month.

– USD$39.99 for three months.

– USD$99.99 per year.

and playstation plus premium, which includes all of the above and a catalog of around 300 sets backward compatible from Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP and playstation, and it will cost:

– USD$16.99 per month.

– USD$49.99 for three months.

– USD$119.99 per year.