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Sony announces PlayStation VR2 release date and price

Playstation VR2. (photo: Sony)

Sony has responded to requests from the public and finally announced When will PlayStation VR2 be available? But not only that, he also confirmed the price of his new motorcycle helmet. virtual realitywhich was one of the biggest unknowns so far.


Specifically, it is said that PlayStation VR2 will be available from 2023. Specifically from the next February 22. The Japanese company announced that reservations will open on November 15, although those interested can start registering today.


These are the official prices of PlayStation VR2 in the world


There are two options regarding the price. Neither is particularly cheap, although they are still less than half the price of the new Meta Quest Pro:

– The basic version of PlayStation VR2 is available in the United States for USD $549.99;

– Mountain version with Horizon Call will launch for USD$599.99;

– In addition, Sony sells a PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station separately. This is achieved for USD$49.99.

As Sony explains, in some countries the PlayStation VR2 can only be reserved through its official store. This applies to United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

In all other markets where it is available, it will be sold through authorized dealers. The company promises more updates on booking and marketing channels for each country.

PlayStation VR2 prices. (photo: Sony)
PlayStation VR2 prices. (photo: Sony)

Sony confirms 11 new games for its PlayStation VR2

In addition to announcing the release date and prices of the PlayStation VR2, the Asian firm has confirmed 11 video game more that will be available when the headphones hit the market. These are mentioned below:

– The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

-Crossfire: Sierra Squad

– The Light Brigade

– City VR

– Cosmonious High

-Hello Neighbor VR2

– Jurassic World Aftermath

– Pistol Whip VR


-After The Fall

– Tentacular

Jurassic World Aftermath. (photo: YouTube)
Jurassic World Aftermath. (photo: YouTube)

Some of these games, like tentacular, The Light Brigade Y Hello Neighbor VR2, will be available for early booking from November 15. Others, like Zenith Y Gun Whip VRare free upgrades for those who have already purchased the original version of PlayStation VR.

It should be remembered that the new generation of Sony virtual reality glasses is not compatible with the games released for its predecessor. However, the Japanese say that porting existing games to PS VR2 is now easier.

The new PlayStation VR2 games join other titles already confirmed as Ghostbusters VR, No Man’s Sky, Resident Evil Village and the mentioned Horizon Call of the Mountain. In fact, the latter can also be booked from this month, and the Asians have promised more news in the near future.

PlayStation VR2 Specifications

It is known that the PlayStation VR2 will come with 4K resolution and the ability to achieve refresh rate up to 120 Hz. Also, the viewing range will increase to 110 degrees. As for his technology rendering, it is known that PS VR2 will use a foveated render.

What does this last mean? Well, VR goggles will render only the objects and textures that the eyes focus on in high quality. This makes graphics processing much easier, resulting in better quality and better performance.

(Credit: PlayStation.Blog)
(Credit: PlayStation.Blog)

Also, his first fully dedicated exclusive title will be Horizon: Call of the Mountain. In total, the first catalog includes about 20 games compatible with the confirmed device.

Yes indeed, PS VR2 will only be compatible with PS5. That is why, if you want to use this device, you must first get the current generation Sony video game console.

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