Some people would be willing to pay dearly for their USB-C iPhone

USB-C iPhone price

Want to get the first iPhone with a USB-C port? For that, you will have to go to eBay to (attempt to) acquire it.

Remember, last October, a Swiss hacker by the name of Kenny Pi had made a name for itself by replacing the Lightning plug of an iPhone with a USB-C port. At the beginning of November, this student from Lausanne is talking about him again by offering Internet users to buy his now-famous iPhone X.

The first iPhone with USB-C auctioned on eBay

In a short video posted on his YouTube channel, Ken Pillonel (aka Kenny Pi) indicates that he has auctioned the first iPhone with USB-C on the famous eBay platform.

With a starting price set at one dollar on 1er November at 5 p.m. (Paris time), the bids climbed very quickly. As of this writing, bids have exceeded $ 100,000 as the auction closes on November 11th.


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Kenny Pi states that any internet user who bids on the iPhone X agrees, among other things, not to restore it, not to update it, and not to use it as a daily phone. He also warns that the modified iPhone X is “only a prototype”.

Finally, the winner of the auction will receive the iPhone X (with 64 GB of storage) in its box, without any additional accessories.

USB-C iPhone© eBay screenshot


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Finally, Pillonel opened up the entire project, allowing others to build on existing work. This isn’t the case, whether it’s a more custom iPhone X USB-C model or transferring the design to another iPhone in the future (although it’s not a complete PCB layout). ). Will be placed until the end of the auction). It also mentions that it plans to build on a design for fast charging, waterproofing, and even enabling USB-C accessories.

Source: MacRumors

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