So you can use the voice of TikTok as a narrator in your own videos

So you can use the voice of TikTok as a narrator in your own videos

TikTok It allows you to record, edit and publish videos very easily. Anything a user comes up with can go viral. Also, you have everything in one click. Original music and audio to accompany the images, filters and effects, subtitles, and even the narrator, the TikTok voiceover. Is named text to speech and it’s useful if you don’t want to speak in the videos and prefer a ‘Loquendo’ style voiceover reading what is written.

And like everything on TikTok, it’s relatively easy to convert text to speech to accompany posts. Whether TikTok is used in a iPhone or in a android smartphone. In the videos you can use your own music and songs or those provided by the platform. You can also add sounds and sound effects, all of which they come with a voiceover that explains the video or plays with an image. It can be your own voice, normal or distorted, or the voice of TikTok. The only limit is creativity. And the time limit of the publication.

out of curiosity, last year TikTok changed his voice for a new one. Reason? The original voice actress sued the platform because she was used for something she wasn’t hired to do. So, the owner of TikTok, ByteDance, solved the problem by changing the voice. Next, TechMarkup brings how to add it to a video.

This is how you can use a text to speech in TikTok videos

It must be assumed that you are a TikTok user and have the official Android or iOS app installed. Of course, it is necessary to register as a user. It is free and you can use the credentials of Google or Facebook for make faster the process. This way you won’t have to remember a new password.

Once the app is open, you can view other people’s posts or create your own videos. To start recording or editing a post, simply do Click on the icon with the + symbol. It’s at the bottom of the screen. telephone.

Then the publishing wizard gives the option to save the video at this exact moment or load a video you have captured in the smartphone. It also allows you to upload photos. Once you have the video, you can start editing it. This is where things can be added. And what matters is TikTok voice.

To include a voiceover in your video, click on Text and then enter the text you want to add to your video. By default, this adds text on top of the image. So, in order for the text to be read with the TikTok voice, it will have to be done click on the text we want to hear and then select the option Text-to-speech.

The last step is To post. It should be remembered that the video can be hidden so that only the user who owns it can see it. And once you’re sure you like the way it looks, you can post it for everyone on TikTok to see.

Another option is save video as draft and/or you can also post the video and save the copy on the phone.

Two things to note about TikTok voices:

1. If you change the text you want to read with voiceover, you have to re-enable the text-to-speech feature to read it aloud. The editor itself will also remember it.

2. And if you don’t like it, you can deactivate by clicking on the text again and pressing on Undo.