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So you can put the keyboard on the Mac screen

So you can put the keyboard on the Mac screen
Mac devices can enable the activation of a virtual keyboard on their screen. (photo: Apple)

Like others devices of the product ecosystem Manzanathe computers Mac They also have the ability to display a virtual keyboard on their screen in addition to accessing the physical device that allows the interaction with the contents that are shown in the Monitor.

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This way of accessibilityaimed mainly at people who have some visual limitation or inconvenience with their physical accessorythey can access this special keyboard through a series of steps that activate it and allow it to be placed anywhere on the screen and it works the same way as a keyboard regular.

The functionalitywhich is enabled for any device Mac no matter the operating system with which it works, it can be configured by following these steps:

On-Screen Keyboard for Mac
On-Screen Keyboard for Mac

In principle, it is possible to find this functionality from the System Settings menu of any device you use macOS Ventura. For older versions, users will need to look for the menu System preferences instead. Once inside, you will have to access the section Accessibility.

Within this section, you can find various functions such as AudioVoice Control, Subtitle, among other. In the “Motor Capacity” section, users can locate the function of Keyboard. Clicking on it will automatically open a special popup window in which a virtual version of the Apple keyboard will appear that includes the special commands for each key.

With this function it is possible to see how each key is activated independently after being pressed by the mouse cursor. mouse and it is highlighted to allow people to identify which one has been clicked and avoid making mistakes when writing a document in this way. Furthermore, in the case of programsthe keyboard will appear above them in the screen whenever it is used simultaneously with others.

The virtual keyboard for Mac is activated from the Accessibility menu of the Apple device.  (Applesphere)
The virtual keyboard for Mac is activated from the Accessibility menu of the Apple device. (Applesphere)

If this function was activated but the physical keyboard remains connected and functional, these two forms of writing do not cancel each other, but both work independently for the convenience of users who choose to activate the version virtual.

Apple Develops a New, Larger MacBook Air

Some Apple product analysts were able to learn that the Cupertino company is developing a new model of macbook air what would i have 15 inches, a size larger than even MacBook Pro devices that have a 14-inch screen. The company’s goal is to offer a more advanced version of its lighter laptop without making it heavier.

Although the information indicated in the first place according to the rumors suggests that the size would be 15 inches, it is also indicated that it could have a size of 15.5 inches and its presentation would be scheduled for the first months of the 2023. However, there are doubts as to whether it would be possible to make this launch within this period, which could finally happen in the year 2024.

MacBook Air with 15.5-inch screen.  (Apple Insider)
MacBook Air with 15.5-inch screen. (Apple Insider)

Besides, the company You would be looking for the new design of your laptop not to generate a greater increase in Energy and use the same adapter as that of a macbook air. One of the most commented predictions by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is that the new device of Manzana may not have “Air” in its name.

Although the rumors have not yet found a common point regarding the exact date of the launching official of the new MacBookthey have pointed to the 2023 as the possible year in which the device can start its productionso that in the coming months news regarding the design and additional features could be reported.

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