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So you can download all the images in high resolution of the James Webb

So you can download all the images in high resolution of the James Webb
Image made by James Webb.  (photo: NASA)
Image made by James Webb. (photo: NASA)

After years of waiting the first pictures of james webbthey are finally among all users. Needless to say, they are more impressive than expected, but the work of the space telescope it is more than images that dazzle the whole world.

Your main mission will be to answer questions about our unusual universe. However, it is known that the images published today are excellent candidates to be the wallpaper soon of a smartphoneand that is why TechMarkup will show how to download them in high resolution.

The James Webb shows the deep space like never before seen. For this reason, it is totally normal that the vast majority of users are excited about the photos that are published from the POTbeing a door that had not been opened until now.

Thanks to its investigative nature, the telescope captures images at such high resolutions that they are dazzling to humans. Therefore, can be downloaded in the best possible resolution for a computer, android mobile device either iPhone, or any other device with screen.

Downloading the images is quite easy. You just have to visit the link that TechMarkup will leave below and follow a few simple steps. Then, you just have to set the image you like best as wallpaper on a mobile phone or PC.

Photograph taken by the James Webb Telescope.  (photo: NASA)
Photograph taken by the James Webb Telescope. (photo: NASA)

Step by step to download James Webb images in high resolution

Fortunately, the team behind James Webb has created a gallery with all the images published yesterday. Here you can see all the photos taken so far, even with different versions.

Some of them include an identifier with the names of the celestial bodies, the applied NIRCam filter and the distance at which they are found. To download them, you need to follow these steps:

1. Enter the official website of James Webb since this link.

2. You will be able to see the gallery that the team has set up behind the telescope. Find the one you like the most and touch it.

3. Scroll down until you see a section called Download Options.

4. Multiple files with various dimensions will be displayed. TechMarkup recommends downloading the lighter PNG versions that are seen. They will usually be around 4MB in size. Although they seem like the worst options, these images are at such a high resolution that you can still enjoy their details.

5. Touch on the link with the option that has been chosen. Do not forget that it is in PNG format or the cell phone might not recognize it.

6. The image will open in full size. When it’s done loading, right click on it and tap on ‘Save Image As…’.

7. Select the preferred location. If you are from a cell phone, hold down on the image until you see a context menu with an equivalent option.

Photo taken by the James Webb Telescope.  (photo: NASA)
Photo taken by the James Webb Telescope. (photo: NASA)

Done. The image of James Webb is already in the internal memory of the computer or mobile phone. You just have to find it where you decide to save it and right click on it. then select Set as Wallpaper. If you are using a mobile device, search for the image and select the equivalent option:

– If you are using a iPhoneit can be done by opening the image and touching the Sharethe option Wallpaper will appear there.

– Secondly, Android lets you do this by opening the image and tapping on the tthree menu items, you will see the option you want there.

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