“Snowdrop”: A Romantic Drama Mixing Politics And Hollywood Action

“Snowdrop”: A Romantic Drama Mixing Politics And Hollywood Action

A young man walks into a Hosoo Women’s University dorm covered in blood, and a cheerful and adorable female student finds him and tends to his injuries, as well as helping him hide him. (StarPlus)

snow drop It is the most tender k-drama and at the same time the most shocking that I have seen this year. The k-drama stars one of the singers from one of the best female K-Pop groups, blackpink. It is a South Korean network fiction JTBC, premiered on December 18, 2021 in South Korea and in Latin America we could officially start seeing it from February 7th via Star+.

snow drop It is a story that mixes romantic drama within a political context of the time and a police subplot. From the intro, the fiction is going to predispose you to what it is about because it charges you with an energy of melancholy and with a sound that refers to the fact that we are about to see a kind of story; which is reinforced when the first image chooses to tell us from a panoramic plane where we are. After that, it advances as if it were driven by the wind and takes us to a female student residence.

"Snowdrop" portrays a forbidden romance during one of the country
“Snowdrop” portrays a forbidden romance during one of the country’s most troubled years and stars singer Kim Ji-soo and “In the Rain” actor Jung Hae-in. (Star+)

The series is set in 1987, when South Korea was ruled by a dictatorial regime, and a female residence is the starting point of the story. A very strict student residence where they have schedules for everything; even to go to sleep. The protagonist of this story is Eun Young-ro (Jisoo), a first-year literature student. A very nice 20-year-old girl, a little clumsy but happy and dreamy, who shares a room with 3 friends with very different personalities. The idol Jisoo brings a lot of sympathy to her character and really grabs and engages the viewer with her story.

On the other hand is the co-star, Lim Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in), a 27-year-old university student who came to South Korea from studying in Germany. He is a young man who seems to be a supposedly highly wanted spy, so his plot is going to have two shades. On the one hand the whole political issue and on the other his relationship with the young Eun Young-ro.

"Snowdrop" has singer Jisoo as the lead.  (Star+)
“Snowdrop” has singer Jisoo as the lead. (Star+)

snow drop it is a production that takes its time, because it is a bit long; however, it has an aesthetic and scenographic proposal at the level of Hollywood mega-productions (certain scenes that reminded me of The Money Heist, due to the good action and shooting that he gives us), which recreates the time in a very detailed way. Also, the way he presents his characters is very Disney-esque. It could be said that with this fiction one feels that one is watching a story or a live-action of a super Disney production.

"Snowdrop" was directed by Jo Hyun-tak and written by Yoo Hyun-mi.  (Star+)
“Snowdrop” was directed by Jo Hyun-tak and written by Yoo Hyun-mi. (Star+)

The series was very controversial in its preview and premiere, so much so that South Korean citizens gathered signatures for it to be canceled, since they said that it distorted certain facts of the political reality that South Korea experienced at that time. However, when you start watching it, you can appreciate that it’s a romantic drama, and shouldn’t be considered historical.