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Snapchat Quick Add: Easily make adding friends safer for your teens

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In order to better protect minors using its services, Snapchat unveils a new measure related to quick add.

Moreover, the firm is increasingly committed to the sale of drugs through its platform. Good news, in short.

Protect minors from unknown adults

If it is still necessary to recall it, Snapchat is, originally, an application absolutely not intended for minors. But, with the growing global popularity of what has become a phenomenon for millions of young users around the world, Snapchat had to adapt its policy. As a result, with the app now available to individuals from the age of 13, the firm is working to further protect its users between the ages of 13 and 17.


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But from whom exactly? Especially adults with various intentions. To avoid the most catastrophic of them, Snapchat is reviewing its quick add tool. Indeed, this feature aims to suggest new contacts, that you are sometimes able to know, and, other times, not. As a result, it will no longer be possible for an adult to add a minor via the quick add function without fulfilling certain conditions. In particular, it is necessary to a number of joint accounts to achieve this, says Snapchat. To see in the long term if the measure is effective or not.

The fight against drugs also in the line of sight


Another scourge of Snapchat is the sale of drugs through the platform, despite the firm. Fentanyl, a very powerful analgesic, nearly a hundred times stronger than morphine (!), which can cause death with just a few grains, is particularly in the viewfinder of Snapchat. Many cases of overdoses of various drugs obtained via a contact on Snapchat between a dealer and a buyer are reported, and to fight against this practice, Snapchat uses artificial intelligence (AI).

Thus, 88% of drug-related content would be picked up by the firm’s services. She also claims that in the space of a year, her proactivity has increased the detection of drug-related content by 390% (!). When the AI ​​or a third party detects a dealer, Snapchat activates to ban his account, to prevent him from recreating another and, if necessary, to transfer information relating to the competent authorities.


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Snapchat also thinks its user-based whistleblower system is working, as drug dealing reports drop from 23% in September 2021 to 16% in January 2022. But either way, a (very) there is still a long way to go to make this platform ever safer, especially for minors, whether on drugs or potentially malicious adults.


Sources: Engadget, Snap Inc.

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