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Snapchat enables an option to try on clothes with augmented reality filters

Snapchat filters for Halloween. (photo: Snap Newsroom)

Snapchat Just released new filters who use the augmented reality to measure clothes. Of course, users can purchase them without leaving the app.

The company has made available to everyone a series of lenses or filters that use augmented reality to virtually try on outfits that can also be changed by sliding a carousel on the screen.

The outfits automatically mold to fit each body, giving the feeling that they are worn. Of course, the only problem is that this news is released with Halloween just around the corner, so there are only a few costumes available to see how they fit.

Also, there are very good costumes to try on. Among them are:

– Disney Characters

– The Squid Game

-Stranger Things

– Minecraft

– Power Rangers

– Transformers

– Jurassic World

-The Office

– Chucky

– Harry Potter

– The Ghostbusters

Among others, which also can be purchased from app. The technology Snapchat will overlay the product image on the user’s body in the photo, and the user can take a photo and share it with their friends or directly go to the store to buy it without even leaving the app.

Snapchat filters for Halloween.  (photo: Snap Newsroom)
Snapchat filters for Halloween. (photo: Snap Newsroom)

How these new filters can be tested on Snapchat

Finding them is as easy as searching for “snapchat costumes” in the search bar or using the snapchat lens browser to search for specific brands like the squid game Y Minecraft.

Great marketing idea for Snapchat of course, although it is expected and also many users want this type of use of augmented reality to continue to be successful and allow not only to try on costumes, but also clothes of any brand and then be able to buy them, if necessary. that is so desired.

“Template Cloth Simulation Try On demonstrates how several technologies can be used together, such as 3D Body Tracking, Cloth Simulation and Body Mesh, in different types of clothing to create a realistic try-on experience”, they explain on their website in which they explain how this technology works.

Snapchat filters for Halloween.  (photo: Snap Newsroom)
Snapchat filters for Halloween. (photo: Snap Newsroom)

Tech giants also use AR in filters

Keep in mind that Snapchat are not the only ones entering this world of AR filters. Other companies, like amazonhas also released a function called Virtual Try-On for Shoes that allows you to use the camera of a cell phone to see how a pair of shoes fit from different angles.

Feature called Virtual Try-On for Shoes.  (photo: Amazon)
Feature called Virtual Try-On for Shoes. (photo: Amazon)

pinterest Y Googlemeanwhile, have used AR to let shoppers try on makeup, clothes and accessories, or see what they would look like furniture in your home.

Snapchat has been expanding its augmented reality capabilities for some time, and in August it gave brands the option to connect their in-app catalogs with their AR lens experiences.

Snapchat says in its announcement that it will create more tools that focus on augmented reality shopping. And at this rate, of course you can get it. According to a previous survey, 92% of young people support this innovation.

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