Snapchat dark mode: How to enable the unreleased dark mode on Snapchat for Android phones


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In recent years, although most of the popular social apps have received a native dark theme. There are still many apps that don’t offer this feature. For example, Snapchat does not yet offer support for dark mode. But this will change soon. The famous social media platform has recently released dark mode on iOS, and its Android apps will soon get similar features. However, if you don’t want to wait for Snapchat dark mode, you can use a simple workaround to immediately use dark mode on the Android version of Snapchat.


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Last day some Snapchat users on iOS reported seeing a new “App Appearance” section in the app settings. This section includes three options: “Matching System”, “Always On” and “Always Dark”. These options allow you to automatically match the theme of the application with the theme of the iOS system. By default, keep the light mode or change the new Uno. The dark mode is selected as the default option. Although this setting does not apply to the Android version of the application, Quinny899, a recognized XDA developer, reports that the dark theme in development can be enabled using the “Preference Manager” application.


How to get dark mode on Snapchat for iOS

How to enable the dark mode on Snapchat?

You can enable the dark theme in development on the Android version of Snapchat by the following method:

  • From the Play Store, download the “Preference Manager” app.
  • On the application’s home page, select “Snapchat” and open the APP_START_EXPERIMENT_PREFS.xml file.
snapchat dark mode, enable snapchat darkmode
Image Source: Xda-developers
  • In the file, find the “DARK_MODE” flag, set it to “ENABLED” and you’re done.


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As you can see from the attached screenshot, this solution allows you to access the medium-dark development mode on the Android version of Snapchat. Note that dark mode is still in progress, so you may find some inconsistencies. For example, multiple screens have gray text on a black background and there are multiple parts that have not been themed.


activate dark theme on snapchat
Image Source: Xda-developers

It should also be noted that the “Preference Manager” application requires root user access, so the solution is only applicable to rooted devices. If this sounds too cumbersome, we suggest you turn around and wait for Snapchat to officially launch the new dark mode on Android. Since this feature is already available to various iOS users, it will launch on Android soon.

Article Source: Xda-Developers

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