Smile: Meet the horror movie that is conquering fans

Since the release of the macabre trailer, the horror movie Smile (Smile) is causing a stir among fans of the genre. Produced by Paramount Pictures, the film premiered at the end of September and went viral on social media, making many moviegoers curious to find out what’s behind the scary smile.


Starring Sosie Bacon, the premise of the film follows the mold of other horror classics and, without a doubt, it is a film that has everything to conquer those who love to be scared in the cinema – in addition, of course, to the psychological thriller and thriller.

But what is the story about anyway? Here we have gathered all the information you need to know before purchasing your ticket. First of all, check out the trailer below:


Discover the plot of Sorria

smile, as is the original title of the feature, follows the journey of Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon), a doctor whose patient sees a supernatural being, and soon after, begins to display a sinister smile. The problem is that after developing this “symptom”, the patient dies a violent death.


Rose begins to investigate the case and discovers that her patient’s death was not an isolated event. After all, many other patients also showed this strange smile just a few days after seeing an unknown entity. They all die after a week and Rose begins to fear that her life is also in danger.

Check out the official synopsis of the film:

“After witnessing a bizarre incident involving a patient, doctor Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) begins experiencing frightening events that she cannot explain. To survive and be able to move on with her life, she will need to confront her past and make difficult decisions that will lead her out of this horrible reality.”


(Source: Paramount/Disclosure)Source: Paramount

Who is in the movie’s cast?

In addition to Sosie Bacon, also known for Mare of Easttown, Here and Now, Narcos: Mexico and 13 Reasons Whythe cast includes Kyra Sedgwick, from Criminal DivisionKevin Bacon, from X-Men: First ClassJessie T. Usher, from the boysand also Kyle Gallner, from Hell Girl.

Kal Penn, from Dr. Casa, Lar and Very Crazy Dawn also completes the casting of the horror film that is making waves on social media. About that, Smile was written and directed by Parker Finn, known for his short films The Hidebehindfrom 2018, and Laura Hasn’t Slept, from 2020 – the latter inspired the plot of the new film.

please note that smile premiered in Brazilian cinemas on September 28.

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