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Smallville: Lex Luthor actor wants to return to role in new DCU

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Smallville: The Adventures of Superboy, made its debut in 2001 and featured 10 seasons in total, staying on the air until 2011. The series focused on a young Clark Kent (Tom Welling), who was just at the beginning of his life. journey as the iconic Superman. But even there, the Man of Steel already had some enemies, including the unforgettable Lex Luthor, who was portrayed on the show by Michael Rosenbaum🇧🇷

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After The CW series ended, other productions involving Superman hit the screens, including Man of Steel (2013), Justice League (2017) and Batman v Superman (2016). On occasions, who lived the hero was Henry Cavill, however, with the huge restructuring of the audiovisual department at DC, promoted by James Gunn and Peter Safran, a new era for the Kryptonian must begin (now, without Cavill).

And who did not hide his interest in being part of this new era was precisely Rosenbaum, who, when asked on Twitter about a possible return as Lex Luthor, was very excited. Look:


The artist said, “I hope I’m in the running [para voltar ao papel de Luthor]🇧🇷 I mean, I played him for 7 years. Unless you have a problem with it,” he joked.

And the truth is, with the revamp of the DC Cinematic Universe (DCU), anything is possible. Especially if we stop to think about what Gunn has already revealed when he said that the new Superman movie should focus on an earlier period in the hero’s trajectory and include all the “main characters”. That is, to imagine that Lex Luthor will be in the new production would not be crazy.

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In this sense, Rosenbaum would already “know” how to play a young Luthor and would already be familiar with his story, because, as the actor himself revealed, he acted in the role for 7 years. But as nothing is very clear at the moment, we must wait. After all, Cavill’s departure, for example, took everyone by surprise, as The Witcher actor had recently announced his return to the DCU and, even so, was cut from Gunn and Safran’s planning.

For now, we only know that the executive duo aims to dissolve the so-called Snyderverse and build something completely new for DC.

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