Six unmissable documentaries to watch on Netflix

Six shocking documentaries that are available on Netflix.  (Netflix)
Six shocking documentaries that are available on Netflix. (Netflix)

Immersing yourself in cases and stories that really happened is quite an adventure. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction and that is what each of these documentaries that we bring you today is about. A guide with six options for lovers of documentary stories available on Netflix.

Nuclear accident (Meltdown: Three Mile Island/4 episodes of 40 minutes)

“Nuclear Accident”: recounts the events that occurred after a failure at a nuclear plant in Three Mile Island (located in Pennsylvania) in 1979, and the radioactive leak that was generated as a result. (Netflix)

This docuseries, divided into four broadcasts, recounts with direct testimonies a failure that occurred in a nuclear plant in Three Mile Island (located in Pennsylvania) in 1979, and the radioactive leak that was generated as a result. It has the address of Kief Davidson (The Most Dangerous Animal of All), a great documentary filmmaker who takes up the gauntlet of the series of HBO, Chernobyl, to report a similar case in the United States. It has the testimony of one of the complainants, the chief engineer Richard Parks, who, thanks to his courage in making the complaint, prevented a major disaster for the East Coast. Who was responsible, why did what happened happen and what were its consequences, are some of the questions that this production tries to answer.

The photographer and the postman: the crime of Cabezas (duration: 1 hour and 46 minutes)

“The photographer and the postman: the crime of Cabezas”: a documentary that gets into the case that has had the most impact on Argentine society in recent years. (Netflix)

The murder of the Argentine photographer Joseph Louis Heads In January 1997, he left a mark on journalism in the South American country. This documentary directed by Alexander Hartman (Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta?) goes through all the events before and after the crime of the photographer, taking an X-ray of the 90s in Argentina and more specifically of the Pinamar seaside resort in Buenos Aires. Testimonies are collected from close friends, family members and journalists who followed the case closely. An impressive documentary that you should not miss.

Our father (Our Father/ Duration: 1 hour and 37 minutes)

Trailer for “Our Father”. (Netflix)

This documentary tells the story of the former doctor Donald Cline, Fertility specialist who fathered more than 50 children through illegal artificial insemination using his own semen. Our father was a complete success on the platform since its premiere and achieved reach more than 23 million hours of playback. Directed by Lucie Jordan, this production has direct testimonies, most of them victims of this man. It wasn’t until Jacob Ballard (one of the women born by this method) decided to investigate her true origin that all this monstrous work was discovered. Shocking report.

The Staircase (Stairs/ Duration: 13 episodes of approximately 45 minutes)

“The Staircase”: Throughout 13 episodes we see closely the trial that Michael Peterson faced when his wife was found dead at the foot of the stairs of the house they shared. (Netflix)

This is a docuseries directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (Jeux d’influence) that recounts through 13 episodes what happened in relation to the death of Katheleen Peterson, who appeared lifeless at the foot of the stairs of the house she shared with her husband Michael, a renowned writer. This documentary was made at the time of the trial faced by Michael who was found responsible for the death of his wife. A fiction is currently available at HBO that recreates the same facts that is also called The Staircase with Colin Firth Y Tony Cole in the central roles.

The mystery of Marilyn Monroe: the unreleased tapes (Duration: 1 hour and 41 minutes)

“The mystery of Marylin Monroe”: how did the Hollywood diva loved by all die? (Netflix)

How did Marilyn really die? Although the official cause of her death was due to an overdose of sleeping pills, her death always left a halo of mystery. This documentary goes through that last night of the diva who would have had a hidden affair with the then president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and shows very revealing data through unpublished recordings. Was the CIA and the Kennedy family involved in her death? Conspiracies and new theories about the death of one of the most popular stars of Hollywood cinema.

winter on fire (Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom/Duration: 1 hour and 38 minutes)

“Winter on Fire” – a documentary that helps to understand the horror of the war between Russia and Ukraine. (Netflix)

winter on fire is a documentary that covers the events during that winter of 2013 and 2014 in the streets of kyiv and that is one of the many antecedents that can help explain the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 125 people dead, 65 still missing. Another 1,890 were injured. 93 days that were part of this revolution in Ukraine that began peacefully and ended in the worst way, becoming the foretaste of what is happening today. An unmissable documentary to understand the current war conflict.

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