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Six applications to meet people only with video

Video call platforms to meet people randomly.

There are all kinds of dating applications, but those that work with video are much more direct and have a greater randomness than those in which a match must be sent to expect a response in return.


The operation of these platforms can be very close to the format of the Reels of Instagram oa TikTokin which when scrolling a new video will appear, in this case, a new person.

Then it will be up to each user to start the conversation to get to know the other person, since some apps allow you to create separate chats, to share messages, images, audio and other content.


Next, we leave five alternatives of this style for devices Android and iOS.


This application allows you to have a filter so that only people from the country or also from all over the world appear, as well as the gender. After that the video call will be random with any other user.


Among the options that the platform manages is to speak with the audio of the cell phone, with text or both. In addition, you can switch between the front or rear camera.

Application to meet people randomly on video.
Application to meet people randomly on video.


The user base of this app is 30 million in 190 countries, so there are many options to meet people. It also has the option to speak with audio, text or both at the same time.

The filters are simple, being able to choose the country and gender. Although it has a relevant point and that is that it allows you to report someone who is shared inappropriately when starting the video call.


It is one of the best known platforms of this style. Its operation is very similar to the previous two, but it has a differentiating factor if the random conversation has been interesting, since the application allows you to search the chat history to see them later.

In addition, the conversations are protected and are made anonymously for the safety of the users, who have the power to reveal their name or not.


Unlike other platforms, this dating app has the differential factor of allowing you to contact several people at the same time, giving you the option of creating group conversations, all randomly.

It also allows a user to join this type of chat, so it is not difficult to find group rooms that are focused on the same topic or tastes.

The application allows you to enter group video rooms to meet people.
The application allows you to enter group video rooms to meet people.


This application allows you to meet people from all over the world through video calls, filtering by gender, age, sex, country and marital status, differentiating it from the previous ones on this last point.

Additionally, users can share their photos for others to see and add them as friends to create a stronger bond after meeting them randomly.

Face Flow

Here users will be able to meet people, but also enter video calls with three or more people at the same time. Giving the option to add to contacts or continue with random video calls.

Parallel to all this, a user can invite their friends to join a call even if they don’t have the app. He does it through a link to direct them to a private room.


The great bet of this application is anonymity, being able to enter the chats without having a profile created. The conversations are random with the chance to share photos, videos, voice messages or the music that is being listened to.

Anonymity can be ended if the person wants it, since they can create an account to follow other users and create lists with similar profiles.

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