Home Entertainment Sick: Panic creator’s film brings terror in the pandemic! meet

Sick: Panic creator’s film brings terror in the pandemic! meet

 Sick: Panic creator's film brings terror in the pandemic!  meet

If you’re a fan of slasher movies, a horror subgenre focused on bloodthirsty killers who hunt innocents, we have great news: there’s new work in the area. we are talking about sickwhich debuted January 13 on NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service. The film was scripted by Kevin Williamson, who also wrote the franchise’s productions. Panic.

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Directed by John Hyams, sick stands out for its proximity to reality, as it uses a real situation as the backdrop of its narrative, which is the Coronavirus pandemic. And of course, as that wasn’t terrible enough, there’s still a serial killer on the loose, who won’t rest until he eliminates everyone around him.

Let’s get to know some of the narrative?


What is Sick’s plot?

sick takes place during the month of April 2020, one of the heights of the Coronavirus pandemic that has devastated the world and which is still present in our society. At that time, many places around the world promptly adopted lockdown and complete isolation as a way to slow the spread of the disease. And it is in this context that sick tells its story.


In it, we see two best friends, Parker Mason (Gideon Adlon) and Miri Woodlow (Bethlehem Million), who, in the midst of the health crisis, decide to isolate themselves in a lake house belonging to the Parker family. Over there, the goal of young people is to protect themselves from the virus and get some rest. However, that’s not quite how things happen.

That’s because girls realize, after a while, that they’re not alone. There is a killer on the loose, who starts terrorizing and hunting them mercilessly. Now, they must do whatever it takes to survive.

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cast of sick

In addition to the aforementioned Gideon Adlon and Bethlehem Million, the main cast of sick it also has Dylan Sprayberry, Marc Menchaca, Jane Adams, Joel Courtney, Chris Reid, Duane Stephens, Charla Bocchicchio and Logan Murphy.


The screenplay is also signed by Katelyn Crabb, alongside Williamson.

Sick: what are people talking about the movie?

For now, the horror film is receiving a good rating from critics and moviegoers in general. On the IMDb site, for example, the sick it’s at 6.2, based on 5,500 ratings. On Rotten Tomatoes, another online aggregator of film notes, the production has an 87% approval rating from critics and 67% from other viewers.

Remembering that the movie was released just 10 days ago. That is, these numbers can still change a lot.

If you’re into slasher movies, Sick might be a great option for you to watch.Source: Peacock

On Rotten Tomatoes, some reviews say the film is “smart”, “fast-paced” and “entertaining”, pointing out that, by weaving in a few social commentary here and there, the film stands out from its peers in a positive way. Soon, the slasher already shows that it got its pandemic theme right and that it can surprise even the most forewarned.

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In Brazil, the film has not yet won an official home, as Peacock is not yet available in the green and yellow lands. For now, North American streaming productions have been divided into different services here in Brazil, such as Star+, Netflix, Globoplay and Starzplay, for example. Therefore, it is still too early to say where sick will debut.

Until then, we’ll be watching to bring you more news here on Minha Série!

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