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Should Apple be worried about record Galaxy S22 sales?

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Contrary to what one might think, the more accessible models are not the most popular. Samsung announces that the Galaxy S22 Ultra represents 60% of pre-orders. Obviously, fans of the Galaxy Note range were eager to find a smartphone with a stylus.

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The Korean also announces that the pre-orders of its new Galaxy Tab S8 tablets are going well. Like the Galaxy S22 Series, Tab S8 pre-orders have doubled. And it’s also the Ultra version which is the most successful since it represents 50% of pre-orders.

Galaxy S22 Series: very good and less good

With the Galaxy S22 Series, Samsung is mainly rethinking the Ultra model. The manufacturer says it has taken the best of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note to bring it together in a single product. After our Galaxy S22 Ultra test, we have to admit that Samsung’s new juggernaut has some arguments to make.

While its massive design won’t appeal to everyone, it contains an S-Pen which makes it the worthy successor to the Galaxy Note. The S22 Ultra stands out above all for its photography skills. It simply ranks among the best models on the market. Its giant screen is also the brightest and probably the most beautiful that we have been given to test so far. We only regret a barely correct autonomy and a fast charging system that is a little slow compared to what the competition offers.

The picture is less idyllic with regard to the Galaxy S22. The most compact of the three is also the one that suffers from some crippling flaws. It heats up a lot during intensive use and its autonomy is poor. Samsung only provides a 25W charger, which is really slow in 2022. Above all, this choice has nothing to do with technical problems but is part of an upmarket strategy. Basically, if consumers want faster charging they just have to go for the more expensive S22+.

The S22 + precisely, takes up most of the characteristics of the S22. Larger, it is also more durable, heats less and has the same load as the S22 Ultra. It is according to us the most balanced model in the family. But obviously, the first buyers prefer the S22 Ultra instead. Good for Samsung.

Last year, the Galaxy S21 Series had already sold well and allowed Samsung to maintain its leading position ahead of Apple. By doubling its sales, the Korean puts even more pressure on the American. The new iPhone 14 which will land next October will therefore have to convince. If rumors are to be believed, they should mark a new cycle after two years of minor changes.

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