Sherlyn exploded against those who criticize her: “Do not comment on other people’s motherhood”

Sherlyn is a single mother of little André (Photo: Instagram/@sherlyny)

Serious and forceful is how it appears Sherlyn in a video recently posted on his TikTok and Instagram accounts, where the actress put a stop to it to the people who criticize the way he educates his son André.

The former participant Your face is familiar to me recommended to his followers refrain from commenting on the motherhood of othersand it was through a video where she responds to those who criticize her and make remarks about the baby.

In the clip, the actress from class 406 He spoke about the comments that some of his followers leave in the photographs that he usually posts on his social networks, those where he shares the day-to-day life of his two-year-old.

The actress has spoken out about her desire to take the reins of her chosen motherhood (Photo: Instagram/@sherlyny)
The actress has spoken out about her desire to take the reins of her chosen motherhood (Photo: Instagram/@sherlyny)

Sherlyn mentioned that she has been constantly criticized because her baby is still wearing a diaper, she does not speak fluently in the clips where she appears, she sleeps with her and because she has even come to appear with stains on her clothing from eating.

“I love reading comments like: ‘You bring that child very disheveled’, ‘His shirt is already dirty’; ‘She still doesn’t speak’; ‘He already has two and still wears a diaper’; ‘She soon sleeps with you, and your privacy?’ ”, The famous woman began to narrate in her video.

Sherlyn recommended her detractors to stop getting into her life and stop bothering her and her firstborn: “My loves, if you could be the best mother of my son than I am, God would have sent you , not me, so, recommendation, we do not give an opinion on the motherhood of others”, he added.

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Before the declaration of the famous 36-year-old, some personalities from the artistic world gave her their support, such is the case of the speaker Cesar Lozano, who wrote to him: “We are all very good at giving opinions about other people’s lives. We become experts when it comes to others. Excellent response, dear friend”; and the producer andrea rodriguez He noted: “Totally agree.”

For her part, the actress Laura Flowers, gave her own motherhood as an example: “Those who think, from the outset they do not know motherhood!!! Just listen to your intuition! They told me: Maria in arms? she is already very big! and still sleeps in your bed? Well, today Maríaa lives in another city with her boyfriend, and those days by her side will not be repeated, so enjoy her children with everything! And think less for God!”

Other users also made their opinion known to the actress of Elisa before the end of the world:

“Enjoy it very much, I wish many mothers would educate their children with that love and dedication, which is what is missing today, congratulations”; “It had to be said and it was said. And almost always, those comments come from someone who is not even a mother”, are some of the comments in defense of the famous.

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It is not the first time that Sherlyn González has made a comment of this style, since in October 2021 she was criticized for having assured that her son had been to blame for her pet, a Pomerian dog, bite him in the face. Given this, the actress criticized Internet users who gave their opinion about how she has decided to carry out André’s upbringing.

“Social networks have given us the opportunity to give our opinion on issues that we often don’t even know about. And we became authority and judges of the lives of others. I have news for you: I do many more things that are also frowned upon, I chose to be a mother without a father for André, he sleeps in my bed, as long as possible I want to have him as close as possible, I do not put a bib on him, I allow him to experiment with his food … “, he wrote in a message on Instagram.

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