“She was never my friend”: Jacky from Aca Shore uncovered details of the controversy with Fer Moreno

Acapulco Shore 10: Jacky and Fer are no longer friends (Photos: Ig/@jackyoficial_ Ig/@fershymp)

The members of Acapulco Shore, jackie ramirez Y Fer Moreno they used to be inseparable friends in the eighth and ninth installments; however, in this tenth season it seems that the friendship was fractured, since neither of them is followed on social networks.

The problem was caused by a third party in discord, a new member of the reality show, Robbie Morawho was Fernanda’s boyfriend before starting to record Acapulco Shore 10Well, supposedly during the filming of the program, Jacky and he had something to do.

And it is that the youngest blonde from Aca Shore revealed on several occasions that her best friend had betrayed her and that she did not plan to speak to her again, but she did not give in-depth details because the season has not yet premiered.

For her part, Jacky Ramírez finally responded to all the accusations by Fernanda and clarified some things about her friendship, as well as her “relationship” with Robbie.

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In an interview with wow wow tv in Youtubethe influencer confessed what really happened and said it had nothing to do with Robbie during the talk show. Aztec TV For lovers.

I never had anything to do with Robbie, ever. In other words, we are friends, we know each other from falling in love and once there was a misunderstanding in falling in love, in which they kick me out of the program (…) he says ‘the problem is two, if she leaves I’ll leave too’ and left the program behind me. That action seemed super loyal to me, ”he expressed.

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He also said that his relationship with Fer Moreno had ended. “I will give you my truth. I think that Fernanda was never my friendyes, she was a partner in the reality show and it was a “good friendship” because if they took me out she would leave behind me, she couldn’t stay behind, she always wanted to be there with me (…) I don’t have anything bad to say to Fernanda, I just don’t think she has been a friend as such.sincere friendship with me”, he pointed out.

Jacky also said that she was not going to speak ill of Fershy because she had no negative things to say and also added that what is part of a reality show and what is real life.

“I think that at the end of the day one thing is the show, the reality show Acapulco Shore show and life is something else and you have to know how to handle it. It’s difficult, of course, obviously, it’s very complicated, but yes, I believe that you have to put a little more head to know how to distinguish“, he pointed.

Similarly, Beni Falconanother member of the reality, interviewed Fershy and she said that she was very disappointed and sad about the subject of her ex-friend.

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“I blocked her from everywhere, I am not interested in anything she has to say, she hurt me. I took the food out of my mouth to give it to herI always saw her as my older sister and it turns out that she is older (…) My relationship is sad, I don’t know if I can forgive her one day because the vato wasn’t worth it”, he expressed.

It seems that this new installment has brought many enmities, misunderstandings, problems and controversies that are constantly being talked about on social networks.

And it is that Karime Pindter Y jawy are in a similar problem for having kissed in the Acapulco Shore 10 trailerfueling more rumors of an alleged relationship and betrayal towards Manelyk Gonzalez.

Nevertheless, Karime has already clarified why she had that kiss with Jawy and said that it was only for work, besides that she had to be professional if she wanted to be an actress later on.

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