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‘Shark’, Eduardo Galeano, Chet Baker… This is what Elena Anaya sees, reads and listens to

'Shark', Eduardo Galeano, Chet Baker... This is what Elena Anaya sees, reads and listens to

a gambler (Luis Tosar) and a policeman (Alex Garcia) whose son needs an urgent transplant they play cat and mouse in the debutant’s thriller Juan Galinanes which opens on April 28. We take the opportunity to ask the actress Elena Anaya, who plays the police chief in Fatum, their movie, musical, literary tastes and much more.

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“I like cinema that transforms me, that transports me to other realities, that places me next to its characters and their stories, with which I experience an experience alien to me (or not so much) with which I end up identifying myself. I remember that one summer, when I was quite little, we went to see Shark and the impact marked me forever. I didn’t want to get back in the water in the weeks that were left of vacation!”

“Title A woman under the influence of cassavetes it is my favorite. A tremendously emotional and sincere film that I never tire of watching and that has one of the best performances in history. Last night I saw TÁR of Todd Field… Interpretations like that of cate blanchett they fall in love and motivate us to continue going through the unknown”.


“Each of my sister’s paintings, Marina Anaya, It fills me with exciting, pleasant and affectionate moments. of bravery Balanced in simplicity. They also fill me with optimism and make me stop at the moment and not stop enjoying the wonder that his art is for me”.

Marina Anaya
Marina Anaya


“Saw The dark side of the moon of robert lepage about 20 years ago and I fell in love with Robert’s simplicity and, at the same time, magnitude to fend for himself and produce, direct and represent the two characters on stage, two brothers before the death of their mother. I was lucky enough to make a video installation with matias umpierrez and feel up close his involvement with art and the way of loving this wonderful profession”.


“I prefer The book of hugs, of Eduardo Galeano. For their little stories, which arise through memories. For his enveloping phrases, which turned me upside down one summer many years ago and which continue to do so”.

The book of hugs
The book of hugs
XXI century


“I like to rescue the one that I was passionate about as a teenager, like any album by mechanical, ranches of the great Jose Alfredo, Chet Baker, Miles Davis… My favorite record? The Covers Record of Cat Power”.


“The best trip of my life was to Japan with my mother. I remember every moment… I think I’ll take our meal of a delicious eel dish at the traditional Nishiki market in Kyoto. And with how he took me by the hand through each of the alleys, as if, somehow, he had lived a life there before. I want to go back to that same place, this time with my family.”

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