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Share with Nearby: what is this Android function for

Everything you need to know about the “Share with Nearby” function of Android phones. (Diego Higuera)

There are a number of functions in the cell phone and very few are known, but there is one that is constantly being used by users of Android It helps to pass information in a faster way.

“Share with Nearby” is located in the main menu of the screen of almost all Android phones and with it you can share all kinds of files with other users immediately.

Although this process might be reminiscent of old infrared or 2000s methods for playing music and videos, with this it is not necessary that the phones are closethe only requirement is that both devices have the button for the mentioned function active.

It is not necessary to keep the cell phones glued to do this process, they can even be at far distances (photo:
It is not necessary to keep the cell phones glued to do this process, they can even be at far distances (photo:

Instructions for data transfer

1. Slide down the task bar of the Android phone.

2. Touch the “Share with Nearby” button so that it lights up blue as a sign that it has already been activated.

3. A pop-up dialog about device visibility will appear on the screen, you must set all or choose which device.

4. On the other cell phone, you must activate the function and follow the same steps so far.

5. Now, on the sending phone, you must select the file to be transferred, be it documents, videos, photos, etc.

6. At this point it is necessary to clarify that the process will take according to the size of the file sent.

7. Once the transfer process is complete, the file will be available and saved on the cell phone to which it was sent.

This method, which is somewhat unknown, is very useful when you have to send emergency files and there is no time to upload them to the cloud, share them and then wait for the other contact to download them.

Wifi call on Android, what they are and how they are activated

What are Wi-Fi calls?  (photo: ComputerHoy)
What are Wi-Fi calls? (photo: ComputerHoy)

Wi-Fi calling is another option that shows up in the Android dropdown menu but hardly anyone talks about; CIt consists of taking advantage of an internet connection to make a cell phone call to a contact without extra surcharges or additional charges, although that will also depend on the rules that apply to each country.

Here are the instructions to activate the option on Android devices.

1. Display the menu on the home screen, look for the “WI-FI Call” button, which is normally on the second page of options, and then touch the function, it should turn blue.

2. Go to the calls application on the cell phone.

3. Click on “More” which corresponds to the three vertical dots icon located at the top right of the screen.

4. Enter settings.

5. Verify that the “WI-FI Call” section is activated.

Now that the option has been activated, calls can be made through the internet connection as long as there is one available and the phone is hung up on it.during the conversation, the message “Internet call” or “Wi-Fi call” will be displayed on the notification screen.

This process will be done automatically as long as the function is activated, therefore if there is no Wi-Fi network available, the call will be made through the mobile operator and if this is the case there will be a cost.


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