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Shadow and Bones: relive the story until season 2 on Netflix

Imagem de: Sombra e Ossos: relembre a história até a 2ª temporada na Netflix

This Thursday (16), arrives on Netflix the new season of Shadow and Bones. The fantasy series was a huge hit in 2021, and now its eight new episodes will return to the world of Grisha and the Fold of Shadows.

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The story will continue to follow Alina Starkov learning to deal with her powers and seeking to complete her mission to destroy the Fold of Shadows once and for all and free the country. Check out the season two trailer below:

Below, recall the main events of the first season of Shadow and Bones.

What happened in the first season?

After discovering that she is a Sun Conjurer, a kind of magic that was believed to be extinct, Alina Starkov begins to be trained by the Grisha to be able to destroy the Fold of Shadows. The group’s leader, General Kirigan, begins to approach Alina, interested in the power she possesses.

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Meanwhile, across the Shadow Fold that divides the country of Ravka, thief Kaz Brekker teams up with his companions Inej and Jesper to capture the Sun Summoner at the behest of Dreesen, a wealthy merchant.

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The two groups’ histories intersect after Alina discovers that Kirigan is Darkling, the creator of the Fold of Shadows. She escapes from the palace she is in with the help of Kaz and his companions and joins Mal, her best friend.

However, the Darkling manages to capture her, placing a necklace of horns around her neck and controlling her power. The villain travels into the Fold of Shadows with Alina and begins to use her power to destroy new cities.

The Darkling doesn’t know it, but Mal, Kaz, Inej and Jesper are hiding on the ship he was on and start attacking him. Alina manages to free herself and uses her power to defeat the villain, who ends up being captured by one of the Fold’s monsters and killed.

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The heroes end the season having to go into hiding, as everyone thinks Alina is dead. And this is best for your safety.

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In the final minutes, it is revealed that the Darkling didn’t die and still managed to create monsters that survive outside the Fold.

New episodes now available

The new wave of Sombra e Ossos episodes arrived on Netflix and can be marathoned by platform users. The second season includes eight episodes, all of which have already been released for streaming.

Like the first season, each episode is about 60 minutes long. So, to do a complete marathon of the new chapters, you need to set aside at least eight hours of your day.

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