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Sex/Life: See story summary ahead of season 2

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With the great success of the first episodes of Sex/Life, originally released in 2021, it didn’t take long for Netflix to renew the spicy production for a 2nd season. Therefore, this Thursday (2), the streaming platform will make new episodes of the series available, which tells the story of a love triangle full of interesting conflicts.

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  • Sex/Life: Stars of the Netflix series reveal dating in real life

Despite having gone viral on social media much more because of a certain nude scene, there are many details present in the plot that make it worthwhile. So, below, check out a full recap of Season 1 to prepare for what’s to come. Enjoy!

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Sex/Life: what happened in the 1st season of the series?

Focused on the love triangle between Billie (Sarah Shahi), Brad (Adam Demos) and Cooper (Mike Vogel), the series begins by showing the life of Billie, who has an apparently very good and stable marriage with Cooper. She is an ordinary housewife, living in the state of Connecticut, and spends her day taking care of household matters, including taking care of her two children.

While she maintains these duties, Cooper works at a company where he is successful and deals with high-impact corporate issues. As previously described, the two have a stable and conservative life in their inner molds. However, everything changes when Billie meets her ex-boyfriend, Brad, who now owns a music label.

From some entries in her diary, the audience travels with Billie to learn more about this relationship. It is at this point that viewers discover that the character has an unhappy sex life alongside Cooper, remaining quite dissatisfied on several occasions. Billie and Brad met long before she got involved with Cooper, as she was still living in New York with her best friend Sasha (Margaret Odette) and studying.

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Brad, in fact, had saved Billie from another man who was harassing her and, obviously, both were impacted by their respective beauty. With that, a fiery relationship began, full of passion, love and sex. However, Brad’s family problems significantly impacted this novel.

What happens at the end of Sex/Life?

The two move away for good when Billie suffers from a miscarriage, something that, at that time, Brad was unable to deal with her side. In the present, despite the regrets, Billie still seems not to have forgotten the burning and profound moments she lived with her ex, so she continues to fantasize about it daily, given her new condition.

What she doesn’t know is that Cooper has access to everything she writes in her diary, discovering that his wife harbors feelings for Brad. In this sense, the businessman becomes obsessed with finding this ex, especially to find out what the character could have that he doesn’t have. When visiting Sasha, consequently, Billi and Brad are reunited, as the friend now maintains a colorful friendship with the latter.

It doesn’t take long before she reveals what’s going on in her current life for the previously lost connection to recover almost instantly. In parallel to this, Cooper tries to rescue his wife by spicing up the relationship, but it’s too late: she has already given herself back to Brad.

So, after many back-and-forths, twists and turns, season 1 ends with Billie seemingly choosing Cooper and proceeding with her wedding the same way she was found at the beginning of the series. The character even decides to go back to school. However, in the final scene, she shows up at Brad’s apartment and makes a request to him. What will happen?

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