Sex/Life: Netflix’s spicy series wins season 2; see episodes

Success on Netflix in 2021, the spicy series Sex / Life won a second season on the streaming service this Thursday (2). All new episodes premiered on streaming and are now available to marathon.

  • Sex/Life: See story summary ahead of season 2

“A married woman and mother of two can’t stop thinking about her torrid past with her ex,” describes the synopsis for the second season of Sex/Life. The story continues following the trio Billie (Sarah Shahi), Brad (Adam Demos) and Cooper (Mike Vogel), who live a love triangle in the first part of the story.

As you can see in the production trailer, the second season deals with the unfolding of the troubled relationships between the characters, which yielded many spicy scenes during the premiere episodes.

How many episodes does Season 2 of Sex/Life have?

The second season of Sex/Life premiered on Netflix with six episodes. By comparison, the initial part of the series had eight chapters.

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Each of the episodes is between 48 and 56 minutes long, ensuring a smaller story for viewers. Check out the list of episodes and the time of each of them below:

1 – Welcome to New York – 52 minutes
2 – Traums from the past – 51 minutes
3 – Love is in the air – 48 minutes
4 – My Weakness – 52 minutes
5 – The future starts now – 50 minutes
6 – Sublime day – 56 minutes

If you’re thinking of binge-watching the new season of Sex/Life and consuming all the episodes at once, you’ll need to set aside about five hours a day for that. In comparison, the first season is longer, requiring about six and a half hours to consume all episodes in sequence.

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