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Sergio Mayer responded to Natalia Subtil’s accusations against her son: “Let it have consequences”

Sergio Mayer responded to Natalia Subtil's accusations against her son:
Natalia Subtil accused Sergio Mayer Mori of not taking responsibility for his daughter and Sergio Mayer of not forcing his son to pay him a pension or to look for Mila (Photos: Instagram/@sergiomayerb /@smayermori/@nataliasubtil)

After Natalia Subtil accuse the father of her daughter, Sergio Mayer Morifor allegedly not giving her a pension or being aware of the minor, Serge Mayer assured that he will not support his former daughter-in-law or his son, since he he will only watch over the good of his granddaughter and expects that there will be consequences for either parent who has truly failed in their responsibilities.

On Thursday, August 11, Natalia Subtil announced that she had searched for Sergio Mayer Mori for the good of milatheir daughter in common, but does two months that he has disregarded the minor. Although the protagonist of Rebel He has not yet given a public response to these accusations, his father, Sergio Mayer, reacted to the accusations during a meeting with the media, where he made it clear that he is only going to support his granddaughter.

“It goes without saying that (to Subtil) he loves the media part and, well, I think it’s something they have to fix. (…) My granddaughter, I will always look after her, nothing more (…) I don’t know if they can understand the subject: she is the mother of my granddaughter, she is not my daughter-in-law, she is not my daughter, she is not my nothing, she is the mother of my granddaughter and I look after my granddaughter. If she is waiting for my son or for me to look after her, then she is wrong, she is a 30-something-year-old woman who has to do with your life and she has to get her life forward and her daughter forward as well in the same way that my son does it, ”he said in the meeting recovered by the sun rises.

According to Subtil, since Mayer Mori went to live in Spain, he has ignored his daughter, Mila, who is 5 years old (Photo: Instagram@nataliasubtil)
According to Subtil, since Mayer Mori went to live in Spain, he has ignored his daughter, Mila, who is 5 years old (Photo: [email protected])

He added that his son will not respond to the accusations made by the model against him, but he hopes that time will bring the truth to light and that, in the event that it is found that his action is not responsible for Mila, he will face the consequences.

I will support my granddaughter, and if my son is not responding as he should, as a father, let him have consequences, I make that clear to you because I am so blunt with that kind of thing. If my son is not responding, but you will always see, time adjusts things and brings out the truth”

He pointed out that Natalia allegedly would never have presented any official document of what her daughter needs and the expenses she has. “There is no authority because they have not wanted to present a document where they say what the needs arewho says: ‘What does my daughter need’”, he mentioned.

To end the topic, she stressed that the accusations Subtil made against her for not supporting her, but saying that she acts in favor of girls and women is not a consistent statement, because at the time she did seek a way to help her professionally.

Isn’t that incongruous? For a long time he presumed that he supported them, now he says I don’t support them, I don’t know what he expects. (…) May he be happy, may he find a partner, may he continue his life, may he move on. You are going to find out all the work that was offeredthe production that was offered to him so that he would have an income, that he would do well, and he did not comply”

According to what the Brazilian uncovered for the magazine TV NotesSergio Mayer Mori has not responded for more than two months nor has he wanted to see his daughter, so he has even resorted to contacting his ex-boyfriend’s current partner, who did become attentive, but who currently does not respond either the messages.

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