Sergio Mayer responded to Natalia Subtil: “She is victimizing herself for being a woman”

According to Natalia, her relationship with her former father-in-law was fractured as a result of a project in which she did not want to participate. (Photo: Rogelio Morales / Cuartoscuro / Instagram @nataliasubtil)

After what Natalia Subtil publicly pointed out Sergio Mayer Mori for his supposed detachment from his daughter since he moved to Spain and some irregularities in the pension that until a few months ago he provided to cover Mila’s expenses, the back and forth between the two do not stop. In the midst of all the conflict, Sergio Mayer attacked his ex-daughter-in-law, considering that she is in a certain way “victimizing herself for being a woman” and assured that both he and his son have been on the lookout for the minor.

the interpreter and politician with aspirations to the presidency of Mexico gave an interview to windowing where, as expected, he was questioned about the recent statements made by Natalia Subtil about the actor from Rebel. Confused by everything that is happening with his family, he confessed that he does not know the “true” intentions that motivated the Brazilian to say that he does not receive support.

I don’t know what the problem is or what you wantblocked me, does not allow me to see my granddaughter’s networks, which seems out of context because it has nothing to do with one thing with the other, “he said.

In this context, the former member of Garibaldi He assured that he has always tried to maintain communication with his granddaughter, even occasionally living with his other paternal family, however, since this estrangement with Mila’s mother arose, their interactions would have changed.

Me with my granddaughter whenever I can I will be aware of her for love, because I adore her, because she is the best, but nothing more […] We’re always going to look out for her, but from there to having to carry something that doesn’t belong to you, this… no.

“I am very sorry that [Natalia] is pretending and using the media in such a personal matter and also she is victimizing herself for being a womanit is not worth it, she is a woman, as she herself said, 34 or 35 years old who has a commitment and a responsibility to look for work and it is not to speak ill of women, on the contrary, you have to be objective, “he added.

Natalia has defended herself through social networks.  (Instagram Capture: @nataliasubtil)
Natalia has defended herself through social networks. (Instagram Capture: @nataliasubtil)

But that was not all, he also questioned why Natalia Subtil has not gone to the corresponding authorities to demand the payment of Mila’s support if she is not receiving the pension.

If there is something you don’t agree with, why don’t you go to the authorities? Why be constantly pressuring through the media and why be pressuring and blackmailing the girl? It is not correct,” he said.

Finally, he confirmed that a long time ago was working on the launch of the Brazilian as a child figurehowever, for some reason he unexpectedly ended his agreement supposedly leaving a large debt: “Sooner or later the project for which he left us there will come out and a lot of money was lost.”

What did Natalia Subtil say before the accusations?

The Brazilian attended as a special guest at windowing to deal with the statements that father and son have made against him in recent days. To begin with, she confirmed that she had been working on a children’s project for a long time, but it never saw the light of day because she felt a certain degree of manipulation by the politician and preferred to take another path.

“I composed the songs, we made the videos and he [Sergio Mayer] come in at the end to help with the contacts and everything I had, but there begins a type of manipulation and I do not begin to feel uncomfortable because of the way he talks and treats,” he commented.

Natalia Subtil with Mila.  (Instagram photo: @nataliasubtil)
Natalia Subtil with Mila. (Instagram photo: @nataliasubtil)

Regarding Sergio Mayer Mori, he commented that he used to send him money for Mila when he worked in Rebelbut from one moment to another he stopped doing it.

“As a mom, our instincts come out and I hoped that at some point he would take over and it never happened. Then I felt that they threw me a tantrum to take away what was helping Mila, Mila’s father 10 thousand a week, because he no longer wanted to work with his grandfather, “she declared.

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