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Self Service Repair: Apple allows to Repair iPhone yourself

Apple announced the Self Service Repair program on Wednesday 17th. The company from Cupertino, which has resisted repairs outside of its authorized service network (AASP) for years, was surprised with this step. Apple sent out a message that activists from the “Right to repair” should be welcomed: spare parts will be available from 2022.

  • Apple Self Service Repair makes replacement parts and tools available to consumers for independent repairs
  • The service will be available in the US in 2022, with other countries expected to follow suit
  • The company promises more than 200 individual parts and tools for the most common repairs.


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The program is aimed at a nerdy audience with enough experience to do electronics repairs themselves. When repairing an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, they can then do without a visit to a brand service.

According to the company, a repair manual is also made available to customers, which usually includes detailed instructions for identifying problems and the important step-by-step instructions for disassembling and reassembling the equipment. As part of the program, Apple will also offer an online shop for ordering the necessary parts and tools.

Apple Self Service Repair.jpg.medium
The program starts (in the USA) with parts and tools for repairing the iPhones 12 and 13 / © Apple

Self Service Repair will roll out in the United States in early 2022, and Apple is indicating that it will expand to other – unnamed – countries over the next year. The company also promised that the shop will offer the components for the most common repairs such as the screen, battery and camera. More replacement parts will be available later this year, according to Apple.

The website iFixIt, which specializes in independent repair guides for electronic devices, welcomed the news and highlighted the importance of the move to “Right to repair “ defending the right of consumers to repair their devices themselves.

However, the website noted that while the measure was positive, it did not meet all of the movement’s demands. The program is limited to parts that you buy directly from Apple for repairs. This takes away the freedom to remove parts from one device in order to repair another.


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The website also noted that the prices of spare parts in workshops participating in the Independent Repair Provider program are not significantly different from those charged for repairs in official service points. In addition, the parts and devices used must be identified.

Still, the program marks another U-turn on the part of Apple in favor of consumers: inside, just a few days after the company rowed back when switching displays.

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