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See the best anime released on Netflix in 2023 (so far)

Imagem de: Veja melhores animes lançados na Netflix em 2023 (até agora)

Anyone who likes to watch anime frequently has already realized that it is possible to find a good amount and variety of this type of content in the Netflix catalogue. And in addition to serving as a distributor of animated series brought to Japan, the streaming giant has also been promoting some productions, which even carry its original content seal.

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In this sense, although we are still in the first half of the third month of 2023, Netflix has already released several interesting anime. So, just below, check out some of the best ones to enjoy right now on the platform!

vinland saga

(Tokyo MX/Playback)Source: Tokyo MX

In January of this year, Netflix was quick to add to its catalog the episodes that make up the 2nd season of vinland saga, an anime focused on a time when Vikings and pirates were on the loose. The protagonist is the young Thorfinn Karlsefni, who wants to take revenge at all costs for the death of his father.

Based on the homonymous manga by Makoto Yukimura, the production has been quite successful with the public, mainly due to its instigating dramatic load.

Record of Ragnarok

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

When this anime premiered on Netflix in mid-2021, what was seen on the internet was a huge commotion around its narrative and characters, which made direct allusions to gods belonging to different mythologies. The arrival of the 2nd season occurred at the beginning of this year, continuing the events presented previously.

Once every millennium, the gods gather to promote a tournament in which powerful entities fight each other in order to discover who is the most powerful being of the moment. During the clashes, numerous conflicts are followed by the public.

Junji Ito: Macabre Stories from Japan

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

Many people already know the work of mangaka Junji Ito, famous for bizarre and terrifying narratives. He made his name in pop culture with the release of uzumaki, Gyo It is Tomiewhich were relaunched in Brazil in recent years.

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An anime series based on his stories has also been commissioned by Netflix, coming to the streaming platform in January of this year. The 1st season has 12 episodes that deal with different characters, situations and oddities, always with the aim of captivating viewers.

Immortal Tatsu

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

On the first day of 2023, Netflix made the entire 2nd season of Gokushufudou: Immortal Tatsu, which consists of yet another original anime series for the platform. Although only five new episodes have been distributed, the narrative is so infectious and of great quality that it was enough for fans.

The plot develops from the figure of Tatsu, who once belonged to the Yakuza. Due to his abilities to hunt down enemies and defeat them, he earned the nickname Immortal. However, he decides to abandon this promising career to join Miku, the woman of his life.

make my day

(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

With eight episodes, this anime that is also a Netflix original arrived on streaming in early February. Betting on the theme of science fiction with good dramatic doses, make my day is set on the planet Coldfoot, whose name already suggests some issues faced by the inhabitants of the region.

In the place, the soil remains frozen during every day of the year, in addition to also having an atmosphere that can be poisonous. In this context, the main characters appear, who are nothing more than human explorers. In their mission, they need to deal with the monsters they find in the place.


(Netflix/Playback)(Netflix/Playback)Source: Netflix

Coming into its 5th season on Netflix, Aggretsuko It’s a pretty fun anime series. The protagonist is a young adult red panda named Retsuko, who is forced to work in an office that she hates. Amidst the chaos experienced at the company, she does not hide her frustration at having a miserable routine.

However, through her somewhat exotic hobbies, the character manages to get rid of stress, inherent anger and all the issues that bother her to captivate the audience.


(Nippon Television/Playback)(Nippon Television/Playback)Source: Nippon Television

To close the list, we need to talk about a classic from the early 2000s. inuyasha is based on the manga of the same name by writer Rumiko Takahashi, also known as Ranma ½ It is Urusei Yatsura. Although the series is not complete in the Netflix catalogue, the expectation is that all seasons will reach the platform with dubbed versions in Portuguese, even for the final episodes.

In this way, seasons 4 and 5 should be released by the end of March, making more people aware of the anime’s engaging and adventure-filled narrative. In the plot, Kagome is transported to the time of Feudal Japan, where she meets the half-youkai InuYasha and the challenges surrounding the recovery of the fragments of the jewel of four souls.

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