Scorsese charges against franchise cinema again: “It’s like watching movies directed by an AI”

The possibility that Martin Scorsese reach a meeting point with the fans of Marvel either D.C. It seems more distant today than ever in a long time. The genius of Little Italy, who now returns with The assassins of the moon, has given a very long interview to GQ where, among other issues, he once again attacks the current state of Hollywood.

“The danger lies in what they are doing to our culture,” says the filmmaker when asked about current big-franchise cinema. “There are going to be generations that think that’s just how movies are, that’s what movies are.”

When the interviewer points out that perhaps the youngest viewers already think that, Scorsese puts it directly: “That means that we will have to fight back with more force, and that will come from below. It will come from the directors themselves. We already have the Safdie brothers already Chris Nolan You know what I mean? We have to strike from all fronts, and not give up. Let them see what we are capable of.”

Although the above seems like a dialogue of Wild bull, Scorsese refers to a resurgence of indie cinema: “We have to go out there and do things. Reinvent ourselves. Not complain about the subject, but it’s true, because “We have to save cinema.” In his opinion, cinema does not always have to be serious and dramatic (and he gives as an example Whit skirts and being crazy), but you do have to contribute your own ideas: “Pre-made content is not really cinema. It’s like watching movies directed by an AI.”

As usual, Scorsese tries to qualify his words: all of the above, he indicates, does not take away the merit of “the incredible directors and the special effects people who do beautiful work.” But his complaint goes the other way: “What does all this mean? What do these movies give you? Apart from the act of consuming something and then erasing it from your mind and your entire body, right? So, what do they give you?”

This is not the first time that Scorsese has put himself at the center of a media hurricane with his opinions on current cinema. In 2019, his statements about the films of Marvel They earned headlines galore for the harshness of their verdict: “It is not the cinema of human beings trying to express emotional and psychological experiences to another human being,” he stated then.

At that time, the filmmaker’s words sparked support from his friends (such as Francis Ford Coppola) and insults from Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth and the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, among others. It is possible that now, with the House of Ideas in full creative downhill and DC facing an urgent reconstruction at the hands of James Gunn his words may be interpreted less drastically, but who knows…

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