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Scientific Wordle: how to play and what are the differences with the traditional Wordle

We can say that wordle is one of the most successful phenomena of 2022. Since its inception, the game created by Josh Wardle has had countless copies to date, can be found in many languages ​​and vivid images. Its variant in Spanish, created by Daniel Rodríguez, has also been updated over time and now it presents a new modality: science.

Although Wordle has appeared in a myriad of guises; so much for computers and mobile phonesDaniel Rodríguez’s Wordle was the first to offer a Spanish variant of this popular game. The scientific mode comes after the accented mode, a way quite expected by the community due to the ambiguity of words displayed without it.

What is the Scientific Wordle

Scientific Wordle is a different version of the traditional Wordle, because the words you need to guess are linked to the scientific world.

The mechanism remains the same, although in the case of scientific Wordle, has more letters for each word. The point is that you start the game by typing a word and Wordle will tell you which letters of the word were spelled correctly, which letters were misspelled and if they are in the right place. When an attempt is made, you will see the result of that attempt and can try again.

This is an entertaining game in which you will not be able to spend hours, since only one word can be guessed per day. The user goes to the web, plays, and when finished, can leave until the next day. You can try to reconnect from a device with a different IP address, but the daily password is the same for everyone, which makes it quite competitive.

Differences between Wordle and Scientific Wordle

Normal Wordle and Scientific Wordle are the same game with two different approaches. The main difference is that the words in the word science relate to the world of science, which makes it a bit more complicated for those without such knowledge. These may be related colloquialisms or more wacky scientific ‘slang’ terms.

The other The big difference is that scientific Wordle words have seven characters instead of normal Wordle’s five. This in itself makes it more difficult as there are more letters and more combinations of letters that you have to guess the word for each day.

Other than that, everything remains the same. The mechanics and gameplay are the same, and you will also have one word per day to play. Therefore, the only difference is the type of words added and their length.

This is how you can play scientific Wordle

The first thing to do is access the Wordle Science website, from any device. Once inside, the user will be taken directly to the Wordle board to start playing. It’s simple, you have to write a word and see the letters that were written correctly, which will be of different colors depending on how well you understand the word:

– If the letter appears in greenit is because it has been successful and it is in the word, and it is also in the correct box of the word.

– If the letter appears in yellowit is because it is in the word, but it is not in the correct box.

– If the letter appears in yellow it is because it has not been guessed right, and it is not in the word that you have to guess.

So the first thing you see when you enter the Web is the panel with all empty grids. In it you have to start by typing the first word and press enter, using the keyboard that appears on the web. Then the results will be displayed, with the colors for the letters that were guessed and those that were not.

When a letter is not in the word, it is also disabled from the keyboard, so that it is not accidentally written and an opportunity stupidly missed.

There is no time limit, so you can take as much as you want and it won’t count towards any kind of score. On the science board, the words to guess have seven characters.


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