Home Entertainment Schwarzenegger claims what he considers to be his most underrated film

Schwarzenegger claims what he considers to be his most underrated film

Schwarzenegger claims what he considers to be his most underrated film

In the summer of 1993, Schwarzenegger promised them to be very happy with his new blockbuster, ready to hit theaters and titled last great hero. A winning bet considering its mix of action and comedy, starring one of the highest grossing stars of the moment and with a director, john mctiernanwidely renowned in the action genre and with such iconic titles as Crystal jungle, Predator (also starring Schwarzenegger) or The Hunt for Red October, the cinematographic beginning of the adventures of agent Jack Ryan. But all this was not enough.

With a hefty budget of $83 million, plus promotional expenses, only managed to collect 137.3. And, although it could have been worse, it generated numerous losses for its producer and distributor, Columbia Pictures.

Now the actor, action movie icon and former governor of the State of California, on his tour to promote the series FUBAR Netflix who stars at 75 and in which he plays a veteran CIA agent about to retire, during an interview for The Hollywood Reporter he wanted to remember that film that was also crushed by critics three decades ago.

“She was slaughtered before anyone even saw her”Schwarzeneger has commented. “It was literally a political attack because I was running (with presidential candidate George HW Bush)]but Bill Clinton won. ‘Last Action Hero’ was great, it wasn’t fantastic, but it was underrated”the actor has concluded, remaining faithful and consistent with some very similar statements that he already made in 2017.

In the (repudiated) film he played a fictional actor, Jack Slater, also considered the great action movie star of the moment. And one of the biggest fans of him was Danny (austin o brien), a boy who thanks to a mysterious usher got a magical ticket that allowed him to not only watch the movie but also get on the big screen to live with his idol all sorts of adventures and dangers. McTiernan’s film combined his action scenes with satire and abundant movie winks in this meta-cinema exercise.

For its part, the series FUBAR consists of a first season of eight episodes that will be available on Netflix May 25.

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