‘Saw’: How many movies are there, in what order and where can you see the complete saga?

That a horror saga ends up dismembered due to the efforts of those responsible to squeeze every last cent out of it is not something new. But that this dismemberment occurs with Saw it is ironic. On September 29, the latest installment of this franchise arrived in theaters in Spain: it takes the fingers of both hands to count the number of times we have seen, on the big screen, the implacable Jigsaw. Of course: some would have to be cut to point out the occasions in which this was worth it.

Lionsgate has not yet said whether there will be Saw XI, but when a production company remains silent, what it is actually indicating is that continuing with the saga will depend on the revenue of the film that is currently in theaters. And the data is encouraging: in the United States, it has had the franchise’s best opening weekend in almost a decade. Where are the previous films available and in what order can they be viewed?

Jill, in ‘Saw VII 3D’
(Lions Gate)

One platform, two options

The first question is easier to answer: since Saw (2014) until Spiral: Saw (2021), all deliveries of the saga created by James Wan are part of the catalog of Amazon Prime Video.

The order to see them varies depending on the viewer’s taste. You can choose, obviously, to review them as they arrived in theatersso the first would be Saw; the second, Saw II and so on until Spiral (2021), but they can also be organized in line with the narrative chronology of the saga. The list would look like this:

  1. Saw VIII (2017)
  2. Saw (2004)
  3. Saw X (2023), currently in theaters and, therefore, not yet available on platforms.
  4. Saw II (2005)
  5. Saw III (2006)
  6. Saw IV (2007)
  7. Saw V (2008)
  8. Saw VI (2009)
  9. Saw VII 3D (2010)
  10. Spiral: Saw (2021)

However, the latter contains a problem, and that is that, even so, the timelines of the films intermingle and it would be possible to order them in another way. So, after all, if Wan released the third after the second, and the second after the first, it was possibly for a reason.

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