Sausage Party: Controversial animation will have series on Amazon Prime Video

Sausage Party: Controversial animation will have series on Amazon Prime Video

the animation sausage party will now be adapted into a series produced and made available by Amazon Prime Video. Based on the 2016 film, the plot will follow the controversial foods that caught the attention of viewers for having sex in the story.

The title is so controversial that it has even been a case of a lawsuit! In Brazil, Procon-SP determined a fine of R$ 2 million for HBO for having shown the feature.

This was because the film was shown during the day and is not suitable for children under 18. Therefore, shocked viewers filed a joint action against HBO and Procon-SP determined the compensation.

On the other hand, food is now more controversial than ever!

(Source: Sony/Disclosure)Source: Sony

Learn more about the Sausage Party series

The news was disclosed according to Variety and the series should be called Sausage Party: Foodtopia. Also according to journalists, most of the voice cast should return for the new production.

That means Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, David Krumholtz and Edward Norton return to their original roles. Meanwhile, Will Forte, Sam Richardson, Natasha Rothwell and Yassir Lester join the cast.

“Film used to be a superior art to television, and we’ve reached the pinnacle of what can be done in film with our masterpiece,” said producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg in a statement.

“We decided to continue the epic adventures of our cooking class in foodtopia and the story will soon become a legendary televised event. It’s exactly what the world needs right now!”

As of now, the series does not yet have a release date. New information should be released soon.

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