Sarah Polley (‘They Talk’) could direct the live action remake of ‘Bambi’ for Disney

Although from time to time one or the other goes directly to the streamingin Disney are convinced that the remakes in live action of his animated classics are enormously lucrative. They represent the opportunity to bring immortal stories closer to the new generations and to experiment with the CGI hyperrealistic (regardless of the aesthetic attacks to which this may lead), so the mouse house It continues in its thirteen and from time to time a new project is released or announced. The last one we still have in theaters, is The little Mermaid.

In general, the box office is doing well, and the critics have been more kind than usual with the underwater musical that he directs. Rob Marshall. Before, on the other hand, we had on Disney+ Peter Pan and Wendy of David Lowerywith even better reviews, and based on these precedents, the factory has decided to go ahead with its update of Bambi. He remake of this 1942 animated film began development in 2020, with Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beers working as screenwriters. Today Disney finally has a candidate to direct.

According to Deadlinethis is none other than Sarah Polley. Polley has been an actor since she was a child, headlining Dawn of the Dead or collaborating with Isabel Coixet (in My life without me and The secret Life of the words) until he wanted to make the leap to directing. they arrived then Take This Waltz and above all They speakadaptation of a novel by Miriam Toews who was present at the last edition of the Oscars, rewarding Polley with a statuette for Best Adapted Screenplay.

This feminist drama, with a great cast where we found Rooney Mara, Jessie Buckley, Claire Foy either Frances McDormand, will surely have been the project that has encouraged Disney to notice her. After all, the House of Mouse is used to recruiting first-rate directors for its remakes: has been the case Jon Favreau, Guy Ritchie, Kenneth Branagh, Niki Caro, Robert Zemeckis either Tim Burton, as well as the aforementioned Marshall and Lowery. Polley would join this quarry, although he has not yet confirmed participation.

BambiFor its part, it adapts one of the most beloved films in Disney’s career, which this 2023 faces the centenary of its birth. In that sense, Bambi It is a foundational film: it was the fifth animated feature film undertaken by the studio, and it adapted the homonymous novel by Felix Salten for a naturalist history, at the time very groundbreaking for what the study used to do.

It centers on an orphaned deer who befriends various woodland creatures. Since there are no human spawns, Polley is likely to be involved in a CGI circus in the style of The Lion King. Or its prequel mufasawhich today is directed by another first-rate filmmaker such as Barry Jenkins.

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