Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catral bury the hatchet? The actress returns as Samantha Jones to ‘And just like that’

The actress Kim Catall he will put himself in the shoes of Samantha Jones and will complete the original cast of sex in new york in the second season of the spin-off series And Just Like That…

cattrall alone will appear in a chapter in which you will keep a telephone conversation with the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, as reported by the specialized media on Wednesday Variety.

To carry out the scene, which It was shot in March in New York City.the british actress had nothing to do, or speak, with any of the stars of the series, nor with the creator Michael Patrick King.

But the return of Jones to the plot of the series of HBO Max it’s temporary, well it is not confirmed that the character will continue in the history.

In 2016, Cattrall publicly made the decision to no longer play the character who gave him a Golden Globe in 2003, after considering that Jones had not had a fair personal development in the script for the third “Sex and the City” movie, which was ultimately cancelled.

This generated tension with Parkerfrom whom he moved away and with whom he broke his friendship, and the creator of the story, and when plans began to carry out a series derived from the hit 1998 show, Cattrall was not called to complete the rest of the cast formed by Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

The second season of And Just Like That… will be released on June 22but the scene featuring Samantha Jones won’t air until August.

among the last cattrall projects meet the movie my dad is dangeroustogether with Robert De Niro, the series how i met your father and soon the series glamorous.

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