Sara Corrales denied harassment by Pablo Montero; This is how she reacted to the actor’s fight with a reporter

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The reputation of Paul Montero in the artistic medium continues to reel after his recent dispute with a reporter from windowing and, in addition to this, the rumors regarding the alleged harassment he committed against the actress Sarah Corraleswho played Patricia Rivera in the unauthorized series The Last King: The son of the people, They continue to give what to talk about.

But it was on this occasion that the actress broke the silence and denied that The Golden Pick has violated her during the recordings of said program.

It all happened during a meeting with the media that was broadcast by First hand where the famous pointed out that none of the speculations where it was claimed that Montero bothered her were true.

“Oh no, what a lie, it was the opposite, I commented that Pablo was a little nervous for the scenes and I had to tell him, hey, relax (…) If the scene says you have to kiss me, kiss me. If the scene says you have me grab my leg, grab it“, he pointed.

Likewise, Corrales remarked that both were committed to their acting role and she did not feel unprofessional treatment from the artist.

Sara Corrales, Colombian actress.  Photo: Instagram @saracorrales
Sara Corrales, Colombian actress. Photo: Instagram @saracorrales

“What we wanted is for good material to come out, some good scenes and that we do what the director was asking us to do. So that (the rumors) is a ‘little lie,’” he explained.

It should be remembered that it was in May 2022 when the magazine TVNotes revealed that supposedly someone from the staff would have revealed that Montero came to a party to which he was not requested and there he would have harassed Sara Corrales and Iliana Fox.

“I think Pablo was very upset because he found out that Juan had arranged a meeting with the entire cast and the production that same day, to which of course was not invited but he came with a friend. Pablo was drunk, even he brought a serum, ”says the note of said medium.

“(Juan Osorio) said: ‘Yes, Pablito, you’re out’ and asked him to leave; name, it was a very painful moment for everyone. Iliana Fox went to calm Pablo down, but he kissed her on the mouth and told her that he loved her. She only told Pablo’s friend that she had better take him away. Also, He tried to kiss Sara Corrales, but she pulled away, and he also told her that he loved her, but she didn’t take it the wrong way either.”were some of the comments.

Sara Corrales gave her opinion on Pablo Montero’s fight with a reporter

It was last night 6th August at the Teatro del Pueblo in Saltillo, Coahuila, when Pablo Montero had a meeting with the media and got involved in a discussion with a journalist from Windowing. This fact caused outrage among various celebrities, such as the case of Sara Corrales.

“I believe that violence is not valid in any way from anyone to anyone, much less to the press, because they are the ones who support us in our career. Of course, the media are going to tempt you and your theme is with love, with respect and with a lot of love, knowing how to get out of there, that is only acquired with time and with experience, ”he said to First hand.


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