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Santo Maldito: Star+’s new series will make you question your faith

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What are the chances of a staunch atheist becoming a pastor and becoming the (hateful) force of popular devotion? Can a person with such well-defined convictions have their opinions shaken by an experience or social status that they don’t even believe in? Yes, there are many questions raised by the new Star+ national series, holy damn.

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With several dilemmas involving religion and fanaticism, the production mainly raises discussions about the limits of human beings when their convictions are put to the test. And most importantly, it will make your head think “what would I do in this situation?”.

The newest production by director Gustavo Bonafé (insanity) arrives at the streaming catalog next Wednesday (8) and promises to generate good reflections among viewers.

Miracle or impostor?

The series features Reinaldo (played by Felipe Camargo), a teacher and writer who considers himself a staunch atheist. He leads a relatively quiet (but financially tight) life with his family, when an accident changes everything.

His wife Maria Clara goes into a vegetative state after being shot and, when Reginaldo decides to put an end to her suffering, she wakes up. Without knowing it, he is filmed by a member of a small church on the outskirts, who shares the video of the ‘miracle’ with the pastor.

The church leader soon offers all his savings for Reinaldo to preach to his faithful, believing he is in front of an enlightened man. And that’s where the series starts from.

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With a streamlined script by Rubens Marinelli (Between Tears and Laughter), Ricardo Tiezzi (summer season) and Bea Goes (quarantined), holy damn will make you question right and wrong. O My Series spoke with Bonafé during the promotion of the series and the filmmaker gave more details about the production.

According to him, the high point of the plot is to raise the questioning that is inherent in human beings since the beginning of everything. “It’s a theme that can touch the most incredulous of human beings, with the question: ‘Is there anything beyond what science says exists?’ have nothing more than that? What if it’s all an invention of mankind?’”, he reflects.

Santo Maldito, from Star+, promises to generate good reflections among viewers (Photo: publicity)

The first two episodes, watched by the Minha Série team, have an atmosphere beyond tense and suffocating. To maintain the somber aura of the production, Bonafé explains that the chiaroscuro technique, one of the strategies of Renaissance painting, was frequently referenced in the episodes.

“The inspiration from Renaissance paintings helped us to bring the whole idea of ​​’light and dark, shadow and light’ to the plot, as the series talks the entire time about the ambivalence of faith and disbelief.”

At all times, the ambiguity and doubt of the characters are brought to the surface, both in photography and in the script. “Our intention from the beginning was to show a real world, which is hard. And it is in this same world that miracles can happen… or not”.

Will Santo Maldito have a second season?

Regarding a possible renewal, the director confirms that there are already discussions and a desire to make new episodes, but it all depends on the performance of the first season. “For now, fingers crossed!”

That is, while news about the continuation is still up in the air, viewers who enjoyed the premise of the series can enjoy the current season. New episodes of holy damn will be released weekly, on Wednesdays on Star+.

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