Sandman: what to expect from the second season?

Last night (2), Netflix finally confirmed the renewal of sandman for a second season. The news was celebrated by fans and the creator of the comics, Neil Gaiman, on social media.


“The rumors are true. Netflix is ​​excited that so many of you are watching Sandman, and what we were all hoping would happen… indeed happened…,” she said.

In the series, we follow Morpheus, the Master of Dreams, recovering his tools after being imprisoned for 75 years, when he was mistaken for his sister Death in a modern wizarding ritual. But what will we see in the 2nd season of the series?

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What to expect from season 2 of sandman?


The good news is that, according to Gaiman himself – who is also a writer on the series -, the plot of the second season is already defined. In a note released by Netflix yesterday, he gave an idea of ​​what to expect.

“There’s a family meal ahead… And Lucifer is waiting for Morpheus to return to Hell,” he said, hinting that we may meet more members of the Infinite Family in upcoming episodes.


Season 2 will have a rematch between Lucifer and Sonho (Photo: reproduction)

The expectation is that the series leaves aside the chronological order of the comics and adapts the fourth comic, entitled Season of Mistsarc that gives more details of the ‘rivalry’ between Lucifer and Dream – concluding the feud seen in the first season.

in the history of Season of Mists, Morpheus returns to Hell to save Nada, a human with whom he bonded some ten thousand years ago. The affair between the two was introduced in the prologue of House of the Dolls.


One hypothesis is that the new episodes also merge events from the third volume. land of dreamswhich shows the various adventures of Morpheus over the centuries and which is not necessarily a sequel to the events portrayed in Volumes 1 and 2. But it is worth remembering that the narrative line of the series may change from the comics.

the second season of sandman It still doesn’t have a release date on Netflix.

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